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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Natural hair favs***************

Hey Ladies,

 I will be doing a pictorial on the products I can't be without hope this helps you on your journey!!!

The following products listed below helps me achieve the following look in the pic below

1. My water bottle- its filled with bottles water, and essential oils

2. My leavin Conditioner  I like to keep it chilly in the frig at times this stuff is goldent

3.I have to add the product line I am currently using because it works!!

4. As any natural would agree I still have to have my Eco Gel
5. Last but not least for my beauty sleep you have to keep a bundle of these my Night Cap AKA Chef Hat!!

Ok ladies this is all I have and use good luck on your journey be on the look out for product give aways soon!!

Getting to Your Passion And What Drives You!!

Hey Ladies,

Today I come to you on a more serious topic of discussion the subject of  getting to your true passion and what drives you!! So its the month of  May and this is the month of many graduations and transitions. I recently graduated with my Master's degree which is on of my biggest accomplishments that I am very proud of **Round of Applause**

 I am yet still trying to get to my passion. Have you ever found yourself in a stuck position? When I say stuck I mean a position where looking back is not an option and looking forward like a huge land of opportunity but you need solid guidance?

Well I am here to encourage you to keep reaching and keep striving for what you believe in. I have found my passion and I am now in a position of trying to make my dreams flourish and come to life. I want you to realize that sometimes what you dream or desire may not make sense to any one but you but as long as you believe in it and pursue it nothing can stop you I am here to tell you keep moving, keep pushing and reaching You Can Do It!! Yes You Can!!

 You can do everything with the help of Christ who gives you all the strength you need!! (Phillipians 4:13)

In these last months I have been writing to you about hair and beauty and things in between. I love to inspire women and keep you uplifted. I plan to continue to share and write to you because it is my joy!! I believe sharing is caring!

I want to tell you all  to stay in the fight and pursue your interest and hobbies it doesn't matter if it makes no sense to anyone if its what you love GO AFTER IT!!

Stay Blessed My Queens,


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Natural hair maintenance can be done with simplicity!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ladies,

So I recently read a article posted on essence magazine website about curly  hair blogger Curly Nikki. Nikki recently took a trip to Rio, Brazil and met up with a group of curl friends. While on this trip Nikki discovered that we are so different yet we are so much alike. The one thing that caught my attention the most was the fact that here in America we have so much access to bundles and bundles of products but in Brazil they have a very limited supply of products being sold there to the extreme taxes of the products being sold at a rate of 30-70% taxes added to the price and shipping cost. So we should consider our selves lucky or should we??

After reading how limited the supply of all the great products are over there the first thought that came to mind was how do they maintain their hair?? And to my surprise these women have beautiful healthy and full heads of luscious curls. I was so inspired because its simply shows that you don't have to be a product junkie to have and maintain your natural tresses. These Brazilian sistas are using coconut oils, water and shea butter to style and maintain their hair and it is working just fine for them.

I wrote this post to  encourage those who find this journey to be a struggle and for those feel as though they can't master it "Yes You Can"!!. Remember its what works for you not what everyone else is advertising!!

I consider myself a cost conscious naturalista I try to offer simple remedies and cost effective solutions to my readers!! Well ladies below is a pic of these Brazilian naturalistas!! And they are all growing healthy hair with limited products!! Work it ladies!!

How to handle Natural Hair in the heat!!

Hey Ladies,

So its heating up outside and of course we want to rock our wash n go's and fros but ladies remember just as our eyes and skin need protection our beautiful curls,kinks, and coils need protection too. As the temperatures rise to the upper 90s and 100s we need to consider our product usage and remember to keep out hair hydrated. I suggest keeping a small spritzer bottle with you to add a little hydration if hair tends to dry out too fast.

Also remember that heavy use of oils could create a greasy mess and clog pores in warmer temperatures I suggest going light and sassy ladies during the summer months and keep a great Deep Conditioner I am trying out several but I will soon be coming to you with a review on my favorites. Also ladies I suggest washing a bit more in the summer months because heat and sweat and dirt build up is a no no.

Remember with the heat hair might frizz and curls may not be as neat as they would be with cooler temperatures at the present moment my product regime as previously posted is still working just fine for me. But to protect my hair from over exposure to sun damage I have purchased some cute summer scarfs to wear as head wraps and I have some cute knitted hats as well ladies on those relaxed days why not go the extra mile add a little hydration and throw on a cute scarf or hat.

I have posted some pictures to give you some cute Ideas of how you may want to rock your hats or scarfs. To protect your hair on some days from the sun and heat!! Remember to make it cute make it you add bold statement pieces and also Protective styles are great to but for some!!!!1

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take Me As I Am(Essence Mag May 2012) And my own words!!

Yester day I was reading this month's issue of essence and I came across and article written by guest editor Mary J.Blige and it was title Take me as I am.  I initailly thought it was going to be a diva spread but as I read this article she was explaining her approach to self love and self beauty.

As a woman who was raised and surrounded by confident beauty I was always taught to embraced who I am am always treat my self with the best care because no one else will love me like first God and second myself. As women I realize we sometimes get thrown off from self apprecation and the most important thing we can do is get back to ourselves.

As I have grown and matured I have developed a confidence about myself from the inside out and with this self acceptance. I wake up and leave my home knowing that God is please and so am I. Mary mentioned in this article that too many times we seek love and props from men and those around us but we fail to seek it from within. Mary stated that she never really realized how beautiful she was until she heard and saw God show her and she said soon after she began to affirm and believe from her whole heart that she was beautiful. Mary stated that once she began to feel it she also began to show it and others around her caught the buzz. And before she knew it everywhere she went there was something about Mary.

Today I write to encourage you to seek out what your purpose in life is and work to acheive it and get there. I ask that you forgive your past and embrace the future and accept all of who you are because we all have a story and we all are unique but to be a Black woman we the best of them all. I encourage you to spend time affirming who you are, where you are going, and what you will have.

Take me as I am because that is the only way you can truly know me and understand who I am. As Black women society has tried to tell us how to look, how to dress, and how to be. Society has even attacked our fate and we as sisters have to embraced who we are and fight back with living proof that no matter what you throw at us we always overcome so to day I say Take me as I am because I am somebody great.

Product review*****

Hey Ladies!!!!!!

First and foremost I have to apologize for being away too long. I appreciate all the love and support. I am back with a great product review and some awesome pics!!! By the way Happy Nine Months Natural to me!!

 So recently I graduated with my Masters degree and a curl friend gifted me with the new Shea Moisture Cocunut Hibiscus line because she had heard me mention my intent to try it out. Below are the results of this product tell me what you think??

 Steps to style-

1. I first shampood my hair
2. I added a protein deep conditioner with a cocunut for about 20 mins no heat added.

3. I sprayed my hair with my water spritz for moisture and oils (bottled water, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable glygerin, rosemary oil, lavender oil).

4. I added the cocunut&hibicus hair milk and parted my hair off into sections now its time for the real fun lol

5. I sectioned my hair off and applied the hair milk I begin rubbing the cocunut&hibiscus curl scouffle throughout sections of my hair rubbing and lightly pulling it up and down my strands of hair until I saw curl definition.

6.  I also added a little Eco-Olive oil gel to this to get that ultimate curl.

**Note*** The curling scouffle if very concentrated so you do not need very much***

After letting my hair air dry and using a cold shot hair dryer I had shiny, mosturized and soft head of curls that everybody wanted to touch lol!!

I have to admit I was nervous at first because this was a switch from my regime but I love love the results and I reccomend it see pics below :-)

Again ladies Please subscribe to my blog and if you have any hair or makeup question email me at and I will be more than happy to assist you or facebook me!!!!

Yours Naturally,