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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Natural hair maintenance can be done with simplicity!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ladies,

So I recently read a article posted on essence magazine website about curly  hair blogger Curly Nikki. Nikki recently took a trip to Rio, Brazil and met up with a group of curl friends. While on this trip Nikki discovered that we are so different yet we are so much alike. The one thing that caught my attention the most was the fact that here in America we have so much access to bundles and bundles of products but in Brazil they have a very limited supply of products being sold there to the extreme taxes of the products being sold at a rate of 30-70% taxes added to the price and shipping cost. So we should consider our selves lucky or should we??

After reading how limited the supply of all the great products are over there the first thought that came to mind was how do they maintain their hair?? And to my surprise these women have beautiful healthy and full heads of luscious curls. I was so inspired because its simply shows that you don't have to be a product junkie to have and maintain your natural tresses. These Brazilian sistas are using coconut oils, water and shea butter to style and maintain their hair and it is working just fine for them.

I wrote this post to  encourage those who find this journey to be a struggle and for those feel as though they can't master it "Yes You Can"!!. Remember its what works for you not what everyone else is advertising!!

I consider myself a cost conscious naturalista I try to offer simple remedies and cost effective solutions to my readers!! Well ladies below is a pic of these Brazilian naturalistas!! And they are all growing healthy hair with limited products!! Work it ladies!!

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