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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Determining a good conditioner and its effectiveness!!!!

Hey ladies,

Its been a while I am coming to you with a new post on conditioner. How many of you have tried a conditioner and your hair was still har to manage and detangle? (Raises hand) I know I have well recently I discovered a new tip that says if  you cannot slide a comb through your hair with condiioner then you do not have good conditioner.

As you all know I love do try and review new products and my new quest is to find a good conditioner that ultimately allows me to run a comb through my hair and not have to battle it out.

Today I will be tried out a product line I have heard great reviews on the products is TRESemme' Naturals line. This product can be found in Walmart (4.98)  I will be trying both the shampoo and conditioner. I know in the beginning of my journey I was against shampooing but I have discovered Shampooing is essential its help thoroughly clean the scalp!!

Remember that out hair grows from the scalp and in having a clean scalp we secure and ensure our hair continues to grow!!

After Shampooing and conditioning it's official I have a new product in my collection my hair was soft and easy to detangling. I actually had the luxury of fingering detangling in a time span of 10 mins tops!!

 Ladies I urge you to try this shampoo/Conditioner combo if your having trouble detangling with a breeze!!