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Monday, December 12, 2016

Going through the Motions!

Today is one of those days when nothing is really wrong but nothing is really right either. I am sitting here bored with work and yet craving another beach or tropical vacation. There is a part of me that just wants to be free you know just escape to a place where there is nothing but natural sound and still ness of being that surrounds me. I want it to be optional to go into work or stay home I want it to be optional to just be no rules!!! No because I have to thoughts just fucking go and be and do what ever appeases me. Believe it or not I don't have many days when I can do what I want to do! Its always what's best for everyone or myself alone. Or perhaps....

Maybe its the holiday blues or that funk some of us experience as the holidays approaches. Lately I wonder about so many things in my life I see my peers growing in their careers, falling in love, marrying, traveling, buying homes and creating families. I feel stuck, consumed, just in a rut!  I am sitting here at work with a cheap coffee searching the internet looking for answers on the who, what , where, and how? Some would say those answers are within me but fuck I got nothing?  Maybe Oprah can help but she's only going to reference a book that I will be stuck trying to figure when the hell to read it!

How is it some people have always seemed so sure of life and the directions to take. I for one feel as though these last couple of years I have been winging it! You know just going with instinct and hoping like hell I don't fuck up!  I really hope my seconds, minutes, hours, and this day gets better because at present I am going through the motions. I am not sure who will read this but I am sure you can agree that some days are just like this.  If only I could start and end my day with Yoga!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: You Know More Than You Think

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: You Know More Than You Think: Hey Ladies, Today I am writing to you to discuss our hair battles and understanding your hair. Too many times I am told your hair loo...

You Know More Than You Think

Hey Ladies,

Today I am writing to you to discuss our hair battles and understanding your hair. Too many times I am told your hair looks great! My hair would  will never look like yoursII  I try to reinforce that statement by saying honey hush yours can look like mine or better.

 I have discovered that on this natural journey as with anything else we first have to see our vision and be confident and trust the process. I remember when my hair was so short I had to brush it but I always had visions and pictures of styles I planned to wear as it grew out.

(Special Shout Out) to Chrisette Michelle, Jill Scott, Lupita N'yongo, Viola Davis, and Mahogany Curls!! these ladies were my hair idols!!!

Ladies going natural is more than a style for me it was a change of mind. Going natural put me in a position of seeing and believing my vision first before its full fruition. Today you see my hair and many think oh she just has good hair or it was easy. No honey in life before its sweet you taste the bitter and trust me I have had my trial and error days and spats with my hair.

Lastly ladies I encourage you to research products and examine your hair needs you will soon discover you know more about your hair and than you thought.  For example is your hair (dry, brittle, color damaged.etc) Its as simple as diagnosing your hair needs and then moving forward to products.

1st Ask yourself whats my hair problem or desire?
2nd Ask what's my hair texture type? Fine and thin or Thick and Coarse?
3rd. Examine how products you currently use feel on your hair or make styling techniques for you hard or rigorous?

(Go try products out!! Research stores that allow for return if your not satisfies and try them out discover what works and doesn't) Trying products out helped me along my way and still does!!

That's all for now I encourage you to examine your hair and get back to me and feel free to email me for products tips or suggestions

Till next time,


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beautiful and Insecure Equals No Balance

Hey Ladies,

I hope this message finds you in a happy and peaceful place today.

Recently I was offered a lovely compliment and before I knew it I found my self identifying flaws about my beauty. The older lady that offered the compliment made a statement that really hit me! She said why is it that beautiful black women or women period always depreciate our beauty.

 I was kinda caught off guard for I merely complained about a smile line on my face. In that moment I realized she was right as a proud black woman too many times I hear sisters take away from their beauty by giving light to their flaws. I believe we are all perfect imperfections of God and who he intended us to be.

 To day I write to encourage you to see beyond the flaws and appreciate the God given beauty remember you are a gift and treasure to this world. God saw you to be a perfect fit in his sight and created you in his image.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Lupita Nyong'o :

I am so empowered and inspired by her story and her beauty. I believe she is a role model for beautiful black women around the world. 

I encourage you to let Lupita's words inspire you today remember beautiful and insecure equals no balance. embrace and love yourself and all of who you are.  

(I take no credit for ownership of these pics) 

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: I Only Promote What I Use and Believe In!!!

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: I Only Promote What I Use and Believe In!!!: Hey Ladies, Its been a while but I am back and better than ever!!! Today I am announcing my new business launch with Mary Kay!! You heard ...

Contact me to place orders or for product knowledge at

I Only Promote What I Use and Believe In!!!

Hey Ladies,

Its been a while but I am back and better than ever!!! Today I am announcing my new business launch with Mary Kay!! You heard me Mary Kay!!! For years I have been a big fan of their products and skin care and now I am launching my own business venture with Mary Kay!!!

If you are in the Dallas area invite you to be my guest this weekend at my launch party details below!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: A Good Puff day!!!!!!!

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: A Good Puff day!!!!!!!: Hello Ladies, Today is a bit of a random post but i figured I would share today I decided to rock a hydrated and well moisturized puff in ...

A Good Puff day!!!!!!!

Hello Ladies,

Today is a bit of a random post but i figured I would share today I decided to rock a hydrated and well moisturized puff in doing so:

1. I used a little water mist mixed with Do gro hair oil
2. New leave In Conditioner that I purchased at Sally's recently its call The Conditioner (Generic Value Product Brand).
3. Section my hair and applied water/oil mist and then my leavin to soften and add moisture.
4.Spray a light oil mist atop.

                                            Below are my results so today is a good puff day :-)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: Ready

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: Ready: I use to be shy about admitting I wanted you  I often crack jokes and played the independent woman role as if I was invincible and would ne...


I use to be shy about admitting I wanted you My “Euphoria Highway” Design..Not sure how to explain this..but I love the uniqueness of this.#design. Euphoria for the hair and cosmic look of it..Highway..because of the curves of her body(plus it’s a Prince Song :)
I often crack jokes and played the independent woman role as if I was invincible and would never fall.
At this point in my life I will admit that I Yaminah Marie Stribling wants my very own dose of it!! There I said it!!  

I think about trips and  vacations in my head of us traveling the world and gaining new experiences! 
I see the holidays spent with our families sharing and creating new traditions.
this is in my living room as well... along with pictures of myself! The nights and days of coming home to you and laughing for no reason at all.  
The prayers we share together living and achieving success while building our empire.  
I think about the ups and the downs and the choice THE CHOICE!!! 
We make to get through them together.
 I smile knowing you choose to be here and we choose to be the best for each other.

At this point I am fighting pass my hurts and believing that this dream I share of you will be my reality. I will admit I have been wanting you for sometime now can you give me a call. This time I am foreal and ready to land not fall in your arms. (Ready for love/relationships) 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: Introducing Nell The Model Founder of The Bald Mov...

Elements of Natural Beauty and Hair Defined!!: Introducing Nell The Model Founder of The Bald Mov...: Who are you??  I am   Nell Coleman,  born in Little Rock, AR with a Barbadian Background   I consider myself a super star model, so...

Introducing Nell The Model Founder of The Bald Movement (Her Story)

Who are you?? 

I am  Nell Coleman, born in Little Rock, AR with a Barbadian Background I consider myself a super star model, someone with a passion and a purpose who is a model not only for beauty, but a model for how to be a kind, caring and a compassionate human being who uses their life to make a better world for all. I am a professional model, Model Coach, Founder of The BALD Movement and Bald Apparel. My model website is 

About My Brand 

The BALD Movement was designed to support the self esteem of those who are BALD by force or choice. The goal is to show our women that hair is not a necessity for Beauty and showing them ways to embrace their baldness and discover the true beauty that lies withing us all. To learn more about the Bald Movement please visit Along with that I have designed an exclusive clothing line called BALD Apparel, Designed for those who are BALD by force or choice a way to rock their Bald with Style which I am currently working on new products for the line. 

Curly Quest

As a child, I wasn’t accepted by my peers. I used to have a gap in my teeth, my skin was really dark, I was tall and skinny and not very developed. Dark skin wasn’t really favorable when I was in high school. I had acne. I was picked on. In other people’s eyes, I didn’t fit what beauty looked like. I decided instead of trying to conform to what other people say beauty is, I’m going to define my own beauty and I cut off all my hair. Never in my life had I heard so many people say "you beautiful" until I cut my hair. Through that, I gained a lot of confidence. And I realized that there are so many women out there who are bald by force because of an illness, and they don’t feel the way I feel; they don’t feel confident. So The Bald Movement is about teaching them to embrace their baldness.

Nell Coleman

Founder of The BALD


Quen's Natural Hair Journey (HerStory)

My  name is Chaquenta Smith and I am a curly girl! I have been a curly girl for 3 years and I am excited about the future of my journey! My journey began when I was diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis in fall of 2010. Seborrheic dermatitis, or cradle cap, is a common, inflammatory skin condition that causes flaky, white to yellowish scales to form on oily areas such as the scalp, face or inside the ear. The original plan was to start dreadlocks but I decided on the big chop (Dec. 22, 2010). It was cut in a short afro with tapered ends. It was the scariest thing I had ever done! I looked in the mirror thinking, O MY GOD YOU DID IT!! For the first time in my life, I did not have anything to hide behind. No long flowing hair to! It was 100 and 10 percent, Chaquenta! I must say this has been a journey of self-discovery unlike any other. I learned to love the person I see in the mirror flaws and all. I know it sounds cliché but I really had a serious life change that has truly been amazing.

Here are some things I have learned along this journey:
Detangling is a MUST: My hair, infamously known as Quendolynn, has a mind of its own. I remember as a child it would take my mother 3 hours to wash, detangle, and style my hair (Lord Love her). I never understood why until now! My hair is very soft and ultra-curly. My curl pattern is very, very curly much like a zig zag. So I try to use products that are moisture intensive and water based. I learned that I have to use water based detangle products because gel will cause serious trouble for me (epic fail). I learned to detangle more often rather than wait an extended period before I detangle. I have serious issues with SSK or Single Strand Knots so I have to dedicate time to detangling once a week or every week and a half. I am in love with Coconut Oil! It is my staple product!! It makes my knots just melt and it is amazing! Plus, it makes my hair have a shine that is to live for! I use Beautiful Textures Detangling Leave in Conditioner regularly. It does a great job at making my detangling session much more effective. When my hair first started to grow, it would take me 2 hours to detangle and that was just too much. During detangling, I have tools that I use such as the Ouida Double Detangling Comb (amazing), Denman brush, Large natural comb, and of course my fingers. Finger detangling gave amazing results but it is very time consuming! Regardless of the tools, my use of the leave in conditioner with the coconut oil has worked wonders for me!

Water is my best friend:  I use several different variations of water to help cleanse, hydrate, and nourish my hair. I use Glycerin Water, Conditioning Mist, Vinegar Spritz, and Pure Water. The glycerin water is a mixture of water and essential oil. It is typically jojoba or coconut oil to help with moisture and frizz. I use it as a daily supplement for wash and go styles or as a curl refresher. The conditioning mist is a mixture of Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and water. I use that typically during styling and refreshing my curls on week long styles. My vinegar rinse is made from part water and red wine vinegar. This mixture is used to cleanse my scalp, especially with my dermatitis, after a prolonged styling period. It helps to keep my scalp from having a “spell” from not having a proper washing session. It also removes product build up and dandruff. Not only does water benefit you in styling and cleanings but drinking water is beneficial to hair growth and its supple appearance. So I make sure to drink water on a daily basis!   

Oil is EVERYTHING: I have ventured off into oils more. They make a huge difference in the appearance of your hair, longevity of styles, and the overall health of your hair. All have different benefits for your hair. I use several different ones. I use coconut oil, grape seed oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, Herbal Essence Triple Nutrition Oil and even the Africa’s Best Herbal Oil with all the different ones mixed together. These are my staple products as well.

Being a “Henna Head” ROCKS:  Henna is a permanent all natural dye. It is great to help your hair to retain moisture and it provides a slight reddish hue that is only visible in certain lighting, especially sunlight.I usually do Henna Glosses but I have done the full process before. Both gave great results. The process of mixing, applying and rinsing is not as glamorous (hence the smell and possibility of accidently dying something) but it is worth it. I have purchased from Indian food stores and even LUSH.

Food for the hair = growth: My mom gives me a hard time because I use food in my hair a lot. I have come to realize that food is the best protein. I have used honey, red wine vinegar, green tea, cinnamon, beer, mayonnaise, fat free yogurt, and even avocado in my hair. They are awesome for pre-poo treatments, rinses, deep conditioners, and henna treatments. I use resources to find recipes to help keep my hair healthy and looking great! It is always fun to see the results.

Be Creative and have fun: I have learned that no one can do my hair better than I can. I am the best and most affordable stylist I know! When I first started, I was doing pretty much the same thing. I was BORED!! I thought there has to be something more than this. So I began using YouTube, Curly Nikki’s Forum, Thank God I am Natural (Thanks to my bestie, Larissa) and before long I was learning and growing in my styling techniques. I have tried braid-outs, twist outs, Bantu knots, Bantu loops, banding methods, two strand flat twist, threading method, curl-formers, twist and curls, curly fros, curl defining styles, ribboning, roller sets, and even finger curls. I have also tried box braids! My two favorite are the curly fros and the Curlformers.  Both make my curls look amazing! I love big hair and both achieve that perfectly for me!  The beauty of styling is that each time I try a style, something new is learned. It teaches me what works for my hair and what does not. It is always an adventure and I love that!

Maintenance, tools, and upkeep: I have learned the importance of investing in my hair. I have started to see that using a hair bonnet helps to ensure my hair is dry plus helps me retain moisture. I have a portable bonnet that I can put on any hand dryer to dry my hair. I usually put my dryer on a cool setting with ions on for 1-2 hours to allow my hair time to dry. It has helped with frizz and ensuring my hair is really dry or at least close before I sleep on my style.
Pros/Cons: Pros: I love the fact that even if my hair does not turn out the way I envisioned it, I can still look as fierce as I want. It is not about the style, it is how you wear it!  I don’t stress about my hair like I used to and this is liberating. Lastly, I love how I am able to empower others through my courage to go on this journey. I love that and I am always eager to share my story.   

My Hair Regime: (note: I change products according to seasons to maintain/retain moisture)
Full Process
Day 1
Pre-poo Treatment
Apply Pre-poo (avocado (if on hand), coconut oil, grape seed oil, non-fat yogurt and honey) and cover with plastic cap. This mixture will stay on hair overnight. This process protects hair follicles during the cleansing process.
Day 2:
Wash with sulfate free Shampoo (Beautiful Textures Moisturizing Shampoo or Herbal Essences Triple Nutrition Shampoo)
Wash with Conditioner (Suave Professionals Coconut and Shea Butter or Herbal Essences Triple Nutrition Conditioner); rinse thoroughly then Cold water rinse.
Apply Deep Conditioner (Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque) and cover with plastic cap and let set for 45 min-1hour
                Rinse thoroughly and cold water rinse
                Apply Coconut Oil
                Apply Beautiful Textures Leave-in Conditioner
                Starting from tip gently detangle to root with double detangle comb
                Once completely detangle, swipe through once gently with Denman brush
                Twist and repeat
Once completely twisted, wrap twist in old t-shirt for 1 hour to allow drying.
Style on damp hair (note: prevents long drying time)
Once styled, sit under bonnet on cool setting for 30 minutes to allow style to set.
Next morning using any essential oil (usually coconut) gently take down, separate, and fluff!
This happens once or twice a month
Co-Wash Process
                Use a conditioner to cleanse; rinse then cold water rinse
                Detangle same as above
                Let hair dry in old t-shirt
                Style on damp hair
                Let dry on cool setting for 30 min

                Take down, separate and fluff using essential oil

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dawun-Jamaal does #TheWorst by Jhene Aiko

Friend to Curly Quest, @ItsDawunJamaal, has released a cover to Jhene Aiko's smash single, "The Worst" and, the internet is buzzing in a major way. What are you waiting for?? Click the link and listen to the cover RIGHT NOW!!!