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Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Passion!!

As a child I always admire the way my mom styled her hair and flawlessly applied her makeup. I naturally imagined doing the same years before I had been given the permission to do so. I have a passion for making things beautiful and bringing out the best in things. As I have grown into a mature woman I notice the lack to encourage woman of all colors and creeds to embrace our own natural beauty. I believe it is my duty to find ways to inspire women through leading by example and when given the opportunity showing and sharing ways they can to be fierce and fabulous. It is my belief that if we as women began to love our selves and appreciate our own unique abilities we can stop the self hate and the hate against one another. Today I accept my calling and step back into sharing my tips and style inspirations with woman near and far!! I am you and you are me and together we can be that beautiful fabulous change in the world!!

A New Return

Hey Ladies,

I am back after wearing my hair in a protective style of box braids for the last two months I am back in full effect. I will be posting pictures of my hair in the protective style. I will also be posting a review on my hair's growth and length check in a matter of days please stay tuned!!