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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strength defined!!

The black woman is strong enough to grow up without a father and still succeed and not believe the myth that a black girl with out a father is destined to find love in the arms of all the wrong men, she is strong enough to get educated and go through public school, she has the wisdom and confidence to say no to sex before its time, she allows no one to define her and how she should present herself in society, she is a trendsetter, she is daring and bold, she allows no one to walk on her or over her, she is humble enough to serve and strong enough to lead, she has a balance of strength and fight to accomplish any task set out. For years and years people tried to measure the beauty of a black woman but today I tell it cannot be measured the Black woman ranges from the lightest pigment to those sexy brown shades of brown down to the sensual smooth shades of chocolate she was chiseled by God himself to be the beauty of the ball. Despite being taken into slavery and overcoming those obstacles even then her beauty could not be denied when the slave masters even took a un sighted eye at her. The black woman is so beautiful that white women have gone to such measures to immulate her naturally thicks lips, round hips, firm bottom, and even the style of hair designs and selections. The Black woman is recognized for her unique appearance and appeal she is able to catch a mans eye even on her worst day her smile is one that has been caputuring hearts for years even today when our men have opted for a less of a challenge by seeking the love of others she is still confident in her beauty and she refuses that because statistics say more than 42% of sisters are single she will never marry The black woman is not convinced. The Black woman is a woman that takes any challenge as an opportunity for growth and development. The black woman is Strength defined she is able to love not because of but inspite she is kinda,caring,forgiving she is the only Woman that has not given up on our men she is the beauty who is now exalted in the White House . Many have doubted and hated on the Black woman but she is a proven goddess of strength today I say if you want to see strength think of the Black woman and after the thought has come in to your mind and settle get down on one knee and offer God the highest thank for making the Black woman your favorite phrase should be TGI(B)W!!! Thank God for a Black Woman!!

How I feel about Black Love!

Some say that the Black man no longer desires his God given queen I say not so, My take on this issue is that a Black man can and will never be able to deny the love for His black woman and it all starts from the beginning when he exits his mothers womb a black woman is the first being to show a black man love she is the first one to answer his cries when he is a child. She is the one who teaches and has taught him how to survive so when society tries to tell us that Black men no longer love us I say not so. Now don't get me wrong love has no color I am a lover so if a Black man does find love in a nother woman of another race I can respect that but Black men you should never put down or diss what you come from that shows a sign of pure ignorance. We as a people should begin to lead by example a way to do this is to show our children that committment and real love exist among our households we need to get back to the love we had when we where being separated back in slavery. (Cont)

I said a prayer for you Today!!

This is a poem I found on a book mark not sure who the author is but it is very meaning ful. I said a prayer for you today and I know God must have heard, I felt the answer in my heart although He spoke now word, I didn't ask for wealth or fame, I knew you wouldn't mind I asked Him to send you treasures of a far more lasting kind, I asked that He'd be near you at the start of each new day, To grant you health and blessings and friends to share you way I asked for happiness fot you in all things great and small, But it was for Hisloving care I prayed the most of all.

I felt this was so sweet I am dedicating it to you all!!!

Have you Ever??

Have you ever wondered if it was you ??then you realized that your desire for success and reaching your full potential mattered more than settling. Have you ever had people tell you you wanted to much or that because you want a real man you were a gold digger. Have you ever had a man tell you that you should change and you thought to yourself hmm... should I compromise and then you realized that all he wanted you to change you couldn't because that is just simply who you are, have you ever thought you felt love but when you discovered the real and true meaning of love your realized you had never had a taste of love. Have you ever felt like you where doing the right thing but wondering why things aren't happening at a faster pace for you?? yes you!! have you ever been that person who once could be found saying I am straight on love I am young, single, and attractive I am just enjoying myself but then you realize at a certain point in your life the beauty of love and having that special someone and you instantly want to reach out and grab love but it just isn't that easy. Have you ever met Mr./Mrs. feels like the one but then you realized even though he/she wanted you around you met the family and the friends he/she wined/dined you they still had games for you and the commitment you desire they had no intentions of have you ever given your time to someone only to realize you just donated it to a unworthy cause because they didn't appreciate the deed well despite all the have you's and have nots you know that your drive and honesty spills from your heart is what God sees and ultimately the reward he will give you is far greater so keep striving and keep moving !!

The beginnning!!!!

So its my Senior year in college a year ago I am at my prime. I am currently holding the title of Miss Senior 2008-2009 as I wrap up my senior year I just have no clue that life after is serious business. I make it to May 9, 2009 one of the most important days in my life and it hits me that all of a sudden I realized that I have completed high school successfully and I went straight to college. I have always been a very busy young lady keeping myself busy and involved has always been what I have maintained. While in college I would say I was a very popular girl. But now the moment has come for me to walk across that stage the time of truth so I am sitting in the audience all smiles excited about my future but nervous at the same time. I graduated we celebrated with friends and family the moment was so beautiful me and my younger brother Xavier walked across that stage together on Mother's day weekend my mom was so proud and joyful because we where the second and third to receive degrees in our family. So after the graduation weeks passed and I just knew this was the beginning of a fairy tale but in those weeks friends who graduated moved to new locations to begin their new lives while I yet waited and the biggest of the moves was when my brother moved on June 10, 2009 we had never been separated so that this was a huge step for him and myself as well. After he moved I was sad very sad but hey he has the right to move on and start his life. So I then went back to waiting I applied for jobs here and there but I still got no response or call for a job. After about a month of spending long days and nights of applying still no look and one say the Lord answered my prayers. I received a job lead that changed my world. I called the contact who got me an opportunity at an interview. As I prepared for my interview it was just like the times when I went out for cheerleader, Pledged DST, Ran for Miss Senior, I simply could not see myself without this job so I went ahead and took the interview I was then offered the job and I was giving the biggest opportunity to move to a new and big city called Dallas, Texas. I was so excited it was like I was living a dream and when I say God answered he had all the preparations set in place for me I didnt have to worry about anything everything fell into place but then I was hit with a huge obstacle but one thing I know is that when you get knocked down you must get back up so I have spent a whole year looking and waiting and looking. But I decided to pursue my Masters degree I am half way completed and very satisfied with my self on that achievement. And that is the beginning