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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to handle Natural Hair in the heat!!

Hey Ladies,

So its heating up outside and of course we want to rock our wash n go's and fros but ladies remember just as our eyes and skin need protection our beautiful curls,kinks, and coils need protection too. As the temperatures rise to the upper 90s and 100s we need to consider our product usage and remember to keep out hair hydrated. I suggest keeping a small spritzer bottle with you to add a little hydration if hair tends to dry out too fast.

Also remember that heavy use of oils could create a greasy mess and clog pores in warmer temperatures I suggest going light and sassy ladies during the summer months and keep a great Deep Conditioner I am trying out several but I will soon be coming to you with a review on my favorites. Also ladies I suggest washing a bit more in the summer months because heat and sweat and dirt build up is a no no.

Remember with the heat hair might frizz and curls may not be as neat as they would be with cooler temperatures at the present moment my product regime as previously posted is still working just fine for me. But to protect my hair from over exposure to sun damage I have purchased some cute summer scarfs to wear as head wraps and I have some cute knitted hats as well ladies on those relaxed days why not go the extra mile add a little hydration and throw on a cute scarf or hat.

I have posted some pictures to give you some cute Ideas of how you may want to rock your hats or scarfs. To protect your hair on some days from the sun and heat!! Remember to make it cute make it you add bold statement pieces and also Protective styles are great to but for some!!!!1

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