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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Im Natural and My man Hates it!!

Hey Ladies,

I recently watched a video that was related to a a woman who decided to go natural and her man hated the new look. Ladies I personally have dealt with a male friend who by personal preference preferred longer relaxed hair and that is okay we are all entitled to our own opinions.

However, if a man shows more interest in your physical appearance than who you are as a person I would have to say that is a RED FLAG!!! that he is not the one.  Ladies to embrace on a journey such as this takes courage it requires you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace a new reality.

Self-Esteem and Confidence are the key ingredients in embracing the natural you. Many have suggested those who wear no weave or no makeup are considered the true Naturals but its is my opinion that being beautiful in the skin you are in and taking excellent care of the Mind, Body and Soul is what matters when trailing on this natural Journey!!

Ladies Remember some men are ignorant to what matters most and those are the ones you want to weed out and believe it or not there are some really great guys who are ready and willing to embrace and travel along with you on your Journey and that is the man after my own heart!!

FYI!! More men than you think actually prefer the natural curls,kinks, and coils. I find that more men than woman desire to touch and play in my hair so ladies no fretting there !!

I hope this inspires you that no matter what love yourself and anyone who doesn't love you past the physical is not worth the effort of the time!!

Yours Naturally,



  1. Girl, I told you how scared of the beginning stages b/c I've always had long hair whether it was pressed, permed, curly, or whatever. If I can muster up the courage to cut it off.... Chile Id be doing 100. Lol

  2. I totally understand it took me making up my mind and walking around my house for a few days before I had the courage and then I made a close friend go with me to hold my hand but after it was done and I put my personality into the new look it was over I think I take more pics now than ever and it grows so fast. But it is a big step best of luck to you on your journey my natural sista!!

  3. Serious! Ive had Natural Granny Plaits for a long while and most people said they loved it and they said I looked more Beautiful but hey no sex life LOL But then I left my hair out in a normal unkempt afro (Just the way i like it) and HEY BLOKES APEARING HERE AND THERE LOL.

  4. This is so very true!!! LADIES LOVE YOURSELF!!! I've been natural since Nov. 2011, bc Mar.2012. It's been hard but with the support of my hubby, daughter and family and friends.. It's been easy.