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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting to Your Passion And What Drives You!!

Hey Ladies,

Today I come to you on a more serious topic of discussion the subject of  getting to your true passion and what drives you!! So its the month of  May and this is the month of many graduations and transitions. I recently graduated with my Master's degree which is on of my biggest accomplishments that I am very proud of **Round of Applause**

 I am yet still trying to get to my passion. Have you ever found yourself in a stuck position? When I say stuck I mean a position where looking back is not an option and looking forward like a huge land of opportunity but you need solid guidance?

Well I am here to encourage you to keep reaching and keep striving for what you believe in. I have found my passion and I am now in a position of trying to make my dreams flourish and come to life. I want you to realize that sometimes what you dream or desire may not make sense to any one but you but as long as you believe in it and pursue it nothing can stop you I am here to tell you keep moving, keep pushing and reaching You Can Do It!! Yes You Can!!

 You can do everything with the help of Christ who gives you all the strength you need!! (Phillipians 4:13)

In these last months I have been writing to you about hair and beauty and things in between. I love to inspire women and keep you uplifted. I plan to continue to share and write to you because it is my joy!! I believe sharing is caring!

I want to tell you all  to stay in the fight and pursue your interest and hobbies it doesn't matter if it makes no sense to anyone if its what you love GO AFTER IT!!

Stay Blessed My Queens,


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