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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take Me As I Am(Essence Mag May 2012) And my own words!!

Yester day I was reading this month's issue of essence and I came across and article written by guest editor Mary J.Blige and it was title Take me as I am.  I initailly thought it was going to be a diva spread but as I read this article she was explaining her approach to self love and self beauty.

As a woman who was raised and surrounded by confident beauty I was always taught to embraced who I am am always treat my self with the best care because no one else will love me like first God and second myself. As women I realize we sometimes get thrown off from self apprecation and the most important thing we can do is get back to ourselves.

As I have grown and matured I have developed a confidence about myself from the inside out and with this self acceptance. I wake up and leave my home knowing that God is please and so am I. Mary mentioned in this article that too many times we seek love and props from men and those around us but we fail to seek it from within. Mary stated that she never really realized how beautiful she was until she heard and saw God show her and she said soon after she began to affirm and believe from her whole heart that she was beautiful. Mary stated that once she began to feel it she also began to show it and others around her caught the buzz. And before she knew it everywhere she went there was something about Mary.

Today I write to encourage you to seek out what your purpose in life is and work to acheive it and get there. I ask that you forgive your past and embrace the future and accept all of who you are because we all have a story and we all are unique but to be a Black woman we the best of them all. I encourage you to spend time affirming who you are, where you are going, and what you will have.

Take me as I am because that is the only way you can truly know me and understand who I am. As Black women society has tried to tell us how to look, how to dress, and how to be. Society has even attacked our fate and we as sisters have to embraced who we are and fight back with living proof that no matter what you throw at us we always overcome so to day I say Take me as I am because I am somebody great.

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