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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have you Ever??

Have you ever wondered if it was you ??then you realized that your desire for success and reaching your full potential mattered more than settling. Have you ever had people tell you you wanted to much or that because you want a real man you were a gold digger. Have you ever had a man tell you that you should change and you thought to yourself hmm... should I compromise and then you realized that all he wanted you to change you couldn't because that is just simply who you are, have you ever thought you felt love but when you discovered the real and true meaning of love your realized you had never had a taste of love. Have you ever felt like you where doing the right thing but wondering why things aren't happening at a faster pace for you?? yes you!! have you ever been that person who once could be found saying I am straight on love I am young, single, and attractive I am just enjoying myself but then you realize at a certain point in your life the beauty of love and having that special someone and you instantly want to reach out and grab love but it just isn't that easy. Have you ever met Mr./Mrs. feels like the one but then you realized even though he/she wanted you around you met the family and the friends he/she wined/dined you they still had games for you and the commitment you desire they had no intentions of have you ever given your time to someone only to realize you just donated it to a unworthy cause because they didn't appreciate the deed well despite all the have you's and have nots you know that your drive and honesty spills from your heart is what God sees and ultimately the reward he will give you is far greater so keep striving and keep moving !!


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  2. I really liked this and could relate to a lot of the have you's. Keep it up, Minah. It could be a secret calling. :^)