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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Introducing Nell The Model Founder of The Bald Movement (Her Story)

Who are you?? 

I am  Nell Coleman, born in Little Rock, AR with a Barbadian Background I consider myself a super star model, someone with a passion and a purpose who is a model not only for beauty, but a model for how to be a kind, caring and a compassionate human being who uses their life to make a better world for all. I am a professional model, Model Coach, Founder of The BALD Movement and Bald Apparel. My model website is 

About My Brand 

The BALD Movement was designed to support the self esteem of those who are BALD by force or choice. The goal is to show our women that hair is not a necessity for Beauty and showing them ways to embrace their baldness and discover the true beauty that lies withing us all. To learn more about the Bald Movement please visit Along with that I have designed an exclusive clothing line called BALD Apparel, Designed for those who are BALD by force or choice a way to rock their Bald with Style which I am currently working on new products for the line. 

Curly Quest

As a child, I wasn’t accepted by my peers. I used to have a gap in my teeth, my skin was really dark, I was tall and skinny and not very developed. Dark skin wasn’t really favorable when I was in high school. I had acne. I was picked on. In other people’s eyes, I didn’t fit what beauty looked like. I decided instead of trying to conform to what other people say beauty is, I’m going to define my own beauty and I cut off all my hair. Never in my life had I heard so many people say "you beautiful" until I cut my hair. Through that, I gained a lot of confidence. And I realized that there are so many women out there who are bald by force because of an illness, and they don’t feel the way I feel; they don’t feel confident. So The Bald Movement is about teaching them to embrace their baldness.

Nell Coleman

Founder of The BALD


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