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Friday, December 16, 2011

Natural Hair Takes Patience!!!

Hey Ladies,

So as many of you know I have been natural for 3 months now and I must say is a decision I am very glad I made but I will be honest.


Have you discovered your natural curls, coils, and kinks to try you some days!!!! Yes I have to admit I do have days when I am frustrated and some days it seems as though products work better and then some days I am just not feeling it.

I am writing you to encourage you and say don't give up when you get to that point. Natural hair can be trying and for some it could very well be your (Breaking Point) lol! I Encourage you to hang in there.

 Don't give up or give in here are some tips for those rough days when hair just will not act right: 

Try adding a cute head wrap to your outfit with some faboulous ear rings you would be surprise how this new addition can add style and trend to a outfit.

A cute hat is always trendy and with the winter months approaching is a great way to protect hair from dry and hard air and winter weather again I say spice up the makeup and always keep you favorite earrings close and Viola!! You have a hot new winter trend going.

And if you are like me a slow schedule just add some oils and moisturizer and let it flow thanks Toni Braxton for that song I have so learned to let it flow some days!!

I will agree that sometimes even our hair needs a break so some days less is best and doing little to no manipulating saves on breakage just remember our natural curls,coils, and kinks need moisture so ladies keep it curly and hang in there!!!!

Yours Naturally,


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Im Natural and My man Hates it!!

Hey Ladies,

I recently watched a video that was related to a a woman who decided to go natural and her man hated the new look. Ladies I personally have dealt with a male friend who by personal preference preferred longer relaxed hair and that is okay we are all entitled to our own opinions.

However, if a man shows more interest in your physical appearance than who you are as a person I would have to say that is a RED FLAG!!! that he is not the one.  Ladies to embrace on a journey such as this takes courage it requires you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace a new reality.

Self-Esteem and Confidence are the key ingredients in embracing the natural you. Many have suggested those who wear no weave or no makeup are considered the true Naturals but its is my opinion that being beautiful in the skin you are in and taking excellent care of the Mind, Body and Soul is what matters when trailing on this natural Journey!!

Ladies Remember some men are ignorant to what matters most and those are the ones you want to weed out and believe it or not there are some really great guys who are ready and willing to embrace and travel along with you on your Journey and that is the man after my own heart!!

FYI!! More men than you think actually prefer the natural curls,kinks, and coils. I find that more men than woman desire to touch and play in my hair so ladies no fretting there !!

I hope this inspires you that no matter what love yourself and anyone who doesn't love you past the physical is not worth the effort of the time!!

Yours Naturally,


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Product Suggestion** Million Lashes False Lashes By Loreal**** I love it**

Hello My Lovely Naturalistas,

By now most of you know that being Natural is the ultimate style of them all however on this natural journey most of you have discovered a few changes such as updating clothing style, adding more to the makeup bag, and just taking better care of oneself.

Today I am writing a product suggestion on a favorite of mine as you may have noticed in my pictures I love to wear makeup. Makeup to me is an added bonus with being a natural beauty it only adds to the beauty it does not cover up but it enhances get my drift.

Product:Loreal Million Lashes (false Lashes*Faux Cils)- this mascara is one that is truly defines and it provides superb length and volume if you are one who likes long full lashes you know the look the models have on the commercials I suggest  trying this mascara preferably because it has great coverage and it give lashes a natural dramatic curl that is eye capturing!!!!!

Price: 7.99 -8.00-  The price is a bit fair consider the average cost of a good mascara starts around $6.00 

  Ladies if you are looking for a great mascara that true to its own I would go to the nearest Walmart, Target, or drug store and grab one of these Mascaras let me know what you think please feel free to leave a comment!!

And remember I will come to you with the latest in Natural trends, Makeup and my favorite product suggestions!! (Only Those I have tried or found Great Reviews on))

Blessings to you All!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Natural and New Years****

Hey ladies,

 Its almost that time of the year you know when we make that list. Yeah you know the list the one we make every year and it is consisted of all those to do's and promises of things we plan to do in the New Year.

  I have made my list and its rather easy I plan to view my life and the thing in this next year in short comparison to the feeling I have towards my natural locks as a growing experience and learn how things flow and adjust accordingly only if it benefits me.

 As most of you Natural ladies know that when it comes to our hair its very sensitive and ever changing and with life I have found things to be so similar as I embrace this change I must adjust tot he level of growth that comes along with the growth phase and with the growth phase comes more responsibility.

Also as many of you may have notice considering the economy one must choose to be more financial savvy and along wit my hair and the many products advertising and the prices thrown at you one must also choose wisely and consciously when it comes to product purchases because realistically who wants to go broke just to have a counter full of hair products.

Also ladies again remember the Golden Rule if its not broken don't fix it I'm just saying!!!!! 

Again Ladies I encourage you to allow patience to be your virtue because with anything you really want it requires patience and what ever you do promise to not give on your journey in life or the sweet new Natural Journey and for those of you in the TWA phase remember we won't be in this phase forever hang in there fill free to comment leave a post and share your stories with me!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Yours Naturally,


My First Natural Hair show and Convention****

Is counting down the days until the weekend when my bestie and I head down to Houston for our first natural hair convention and meet up.

 I am so excited and yet ready to see all of the beauty naturals in attendance things I expect to do and see while there are: I want to shop till I drop, I plan to buy new products to try out and I am hoping and praying some fine men are in attendance that would be great!! I plan to attend a few workshops to learn new tips and ways of styling my hair and my friends hair. I hope to gain inspiration in establishing my product designs and furthing my business ideas !!!!

So I am excited so tune in i will be blogging about my experience this weekend ladies!!

Yours Naturally,


Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Tip!! For my Curlies and Naturalistas!!!!

Hey Ladies as you know I am very open on tips and suggestions and its my responsibility to report what works and doesn't work from my perspective. Yesterday I reading around the web trying to locate a way to better maintain and manage my wash n Go. Like most people when I wake up in the morning my hair is flat and need to be revamped.

So I came across a article that suggested spritzing my hair and night and applying a plastic cap under my satin cap would help me keep my curls. So I decided to try it out!!

Its the next morning and I must admit it worked!!!!! My hair is slightly damp not wet and my curls are still softly their now I will admit I did have to manipulate my sides because I am a side sleeper but for the most part my hair is still soft and moistened.

Again here what you do to maintain moisture and keep shape of curls at night for a wash n go
1. Spritz hair lightly with your water mixture-mine is a mixture of bottle water,aloe vera juice, essential oils-lavender, rosemary, and tea tree oil, and vegetable Glycerin.

2. Apply plastic cap

3. And lastly put satin cap on or bonnet and head to bed try this please come back and let me know how it works for you this comes highly reccommended I have visited several other sites who suggested this as well

again I am only sharing tips I have tried please post a comment or subscribe and I will keep you posted as I journey!! Also I am so excited about the Natural hair convention meet up this weekend!! Pics coming soon of that event!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Team Natural We are Inspiration One to Another***

Hello Ladies ,

I have to admit that it has been a true pleasure to journey and share my natural hair story with you. Over the past few months I have come to find that we in our own right have a unique and individual story and it is worth sharing I have found that we all are motivated by the growth and progress we have achieved and that of our biggest hair idols.

I  found that even sharing product reviews and product suggestions is a big motivator and tool of mine. I  feel that in this journey we have to be open and willing to try because mastering our natural tresses is a skill to be obtained. I enjoy sharing my tip and regimes as well as receiving  new tips and suggestions daily.

 I feel that the bond shared through naturals is actually cool because we get to laugh and share our hair ups and downs. It is great to see how we as sisters and women of ethic backgrounds have come together and found a common ground that we all share and that is simply our love for ourselves and our beautiful unique hair.

Again I am taking this moment to say Team Naturals together we are Inspiration to one another let us share in this journey!!

Wishing  You Season Greetings!!!!!!

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT**** Dec 9&10 Natural Hair show in Houston Texas ***

Hey Ladies I am writing to encourage those who can attend to mark your Calendars for this event I am definitely excited and making plans to be in attendance just a P.S.A for all my naturals and Curlies!!!!