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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthing a break through!!! learning how to push!!!

Today is one of those days when I just wish I could go and hide up under the bed the Sun has come up and the lights of day have invaded my room reminding me that it is time to rise and shine. So I rose and my day is full of questions I ask myself what it is I need to do and what should I do? i can't call anyone because they are all at work or tending to their own daily duties. So I sit in silence hoping,praying, on my day. I've realized that when things are good its easy to be happy and smile but when things are slow not necessarily bad it a bit harder to move forward and thats when you must triumphant even more on those days. I have gotten to a point were I just want my stuff I pray and fight and fight and pray and I know God hears me but its just some days its easier to carry the load than others I know he has it in store for me but its just the waiting that takes it toll and the believing that no matter what its seems like this is not the final say so I am determined to push past the fear of the unknown and keep my mind and faith elevated towards the Most High because I come too far and I know he has never left me or forsaken me so I will trust and continue to lean and just called on his name because has loves me and he has me so pushing is what I am doing I am pushing, like a mother giving birth to a new child I am birthing my breakthrough I am going to push, push, and keep pushing past the pain because I know that the wait has not been in vain and I am giving birth to greatness, success, and all the desires of my heart. So my advice to those who read this is to keep pushing and keep hoping and know that Now faith is substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things un seen. Its going to come to past for me and I will know who,what, and where it all came from thank you God!!

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  1. Letting go and trusting God is such a simple statement but so hard to do. We want things when we want them, but 9 times out of 10, it doesn't align with God's time. He sees things we do not, that if he blessed us now, we wouldn't be able to handle, so He waits until we are positioned to receive. During the wait is the true test, but when we pass, the weights will be lifted and He will bless bigger than our wildest dreams because He's able to do exceedingly abundantly above we can ask or think. Amen! Be blessed...