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Friday, December 16, 2011

Natural Hair Takes Patience!!!

Hey Ladies,

So as many of you know I have been natural for 3 months now and I must say is a decision I am very glad I made but I will be honest.


Have you discovered your natural curls, coils, and kinks to try you some days!!!! Yes I have to admit I do have days when I am frustrated and some days it seems as though products work better and then some days I am just not feeling it.

I am writing you to encourage you and say don't give up when you get to that point. Natural hair can be trying and for some it could very well be your (Breaking Point) lol! I Encourage you to hang in there.

 Don't give up or give in here are some tips for those rough days when hair just will not act right: 

Try adding a cute head wrap to your outfit with some faboulous ear rings you would be surprise how this new addition can add style and trend to a outfit.

A cute hat is always trendy and with the winter months approaching is a great way to protect hair from dry and hard air and winter weather again I say spice up the makeup and always keep you favorite earrings close and Viola!! You have a hot new winter trend going.

And if you are like me a slow schedule just add some oils and moisturizer and let it flow thanks Toni Braxton for that song I have so learned to let it flow some days!!

I will agree that sometimes even our hair needs a break so some days less is best and doing little to no manipulating saves on breakage just remember our natural curls,coils, and kinks need moisture so ladies keep it curly and hang in there!!!!

Yours Naturally,



  1. Good tips. We all have our moments.

  2. Yes, great tips!! Bc Lord knows I hv my days..

  3. I agree because even after almost being natural for a year I still have days when I have to slow down and calm down when my hair does not respond or handle a style the way I prefer lol!. I have learned to love my hair and just keep back up style or options close by for those days when a planned style is a no go but all in all I love my hair and this journey.