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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You Know More Than You Think

Hey Ladies,

Today I am writing to you to discuss our hair battles and understanding your hair. Too many times I am told your hair looks great! My hair would  will never look like yoursII  I try to reinforce that statement by saying honey hush yours can look like mine or better.

 I have discovered that on this natural journey as with anything else we first have to see our vision and be confident and trust the process. I remember when my hair was so short I had to brush it but I always had visions and pictures of styles I planned to wear as it grew out.

(Special Shout Out) to Chrisette Michelle, Jill Scott, Lupita N'yongo, Viola Davis, and Mahogany Curls!! these ladies were my hair idols!!!

Ladies going natural is more than a style for me it was a change of mind. Going natural put me in a position of seeing and believing my vision first before its full fruition. Today you see my hair and many think oh she just has good hair or it was easy. No honey in life before its sweet you taste the bitter and trust me I have had my trial and error days and spats with my hair.

Lastly ladies I encourage you to research products and examine your hair needs you will soon discover you know more about your hair and than you thought.  For example is your hair (dry, brittle, color damaged.etc) Its as simple as diagnosing your hair needs and then moving forward to products.

1st Ask yourself whats my hair problem or desire?
2nd Ask what's my hair texture type? Fine and thin or Thick and Coarse?
3rd. Examine how products you currently use feel on your hair or make styling techniques for you hard or rigorous?

(Go try products out!! Research stores that allow for return if your not satisfies and try them out discover what works and doesn't) Trying products out helped me along my way and still does!!

That's all for now I encourage you to examine your hair and get back to me and feel free to email me for products tips or suggestions

Till next time,


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