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Monday, December 5, 2011

Natural and New Years****

Hey ladies,

 Its almost that time of the year you know when we make that list. Yeah you know the list the one we make every year and it is consisted of all those to do's and promises of things we plan to do in the New Year.

  I have made my list and its rather easy I plan to view my life and the thing in this next year in short comparison to the feeling I have towards my natural locks as a growing experience and learn how things flow and adjust accordingly only if it benefits me.

 As most of you Natural ladies know that when it comes to our hair its very sensitive and ever changing and with life I have found things to be so similar as I embrace this change I must adjust tot he level of growth that comes along with the growth phase and with the growth phase comes more responsibility.

Also as many of you may have notice considering the economy one must choose to be more financial savvy and along wit my hair and the many products advertising and the prices thrown at you one must also choose wisely and consciously when it comes to product purchases because realistically who wants to go broke just to have a counter full of hair products.

Also ladies again remember the Golden Rule if its not broken don't fix it I'm just saying!!!!! 

Again Ladies I encourage you to allow patience to be your virtue because with anything you really want it requires patience and what ever you do promise to not give on your journey in life or the sweet new Natural Journey and for those of you in the TWA phase remember we won't be in this phase forever hang in there fill free to comment leave a post and share your stories with me!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Yours Naturally,



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! There is so much out there, and it can be a rewarding experience. I absolutely love your hair!

    Great content! I have a few suggestions for you, I'll just inbox you on facebook.

  2. Thank you!! :-) so Much open to tips and suggestions!!