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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Black Love and Pride (Respect For Our Own)

Society prefers to have us think that we no longer love our own. However I believe that is a lie!! One thing I have discovered is that when a Black King discovers his Queen and chooses to build with her he has then found a piece of himself. Today we see the images of our culture displayed in TV reality shows and high drama fashions and our youth believes this to be real.  Society offers us images of our men choosing women of other racial back grounds as preference. With those numbers being  a small few and its shows our sisters as high tempered angry black women and that being a lie as well.

I have a hope that the natural beauty and class of a black woman is alive and well and she is still as radiant and demanding of attention as ever.

Our daughters need to know that their beauty lies not in the amount of makeup used to cover their flaws or the amount of extensions applied to their hair to add fullness and length. We need to teach them that the illusions of who are do not capture the full scope of a beautiful black woman. In our culture there are so many strikes against us its up to us as a people to teach and share the beauty of our heritage and history with our babies.

We have to teach our boys at a young respect for his mother and women in his life. For it is in the rearing of our children at an early age will they learn to respect family and bonds.

Today in our time there are too many youth with no clue of who they are and what respect means for self and others its our job to teach that.( For a man with no clue of his history is lost indeed).

I am a lover of all but I have the most supreme love for my people!! They are me (I am them )

we are together a strong people of pride and beauty!! I love being Black and I love Black love!!

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