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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Product Suggestion** Million Lashes False Lashes By Loreal**** I love it**

Hello My Lovely Naturalistas,

By now most of you know that being Natural is the ultimate style of them all however on this natural journey most of you have discovered a few changes such as updating clothing style, adding more to the makeup bag, and just taking better care of oneself.

Today I am writing a product suggestion on a favorite of mine as you may have noticed in my pictures I love to wear makeup. Makeup to me is an added bonus with being a natural beauty it only adds to the beauty it does not cover up but it enhances get my drift.

Product:Loreal Million Lashes (false Lashes*Faux Cils)- this mascara is one that is truly defines and it provides superb length and volume if you are one who likes long full lashes you know the look the models have on the commercials I suggest  trying this mascara preferably because it has great coverage and it give lashes a natural dramatic curl that is eye capturing!!!!!

Price: 7.99 -8.00-  The price is a bit fair consider the average cost of a good mascara starts around $6.00 

  Ladies if you are looking for a great mascara that true to its own I would go to the nearest Walmart, Target, or drug store and grab one of these Mascaras let me know what you think please feel free to leave a comment!!

And remember I will come to you with the latest in Natural trends, Makeup and my favorite product suggestions!! (Only Those I have tried or found Great Reviews on))

Blessings to you All!!


  1. Great review!! You should do a video tutorial on how to apply make up and etc.

  2. You know what I am going to do one I think that is a wonder ful Idea thanks cuzzo!! I am still new to this blogging but I am learning as I go!! feel free to subscribe and get my latest post and follow me on facebook at love ya!!

  3. I agree with L. I love makeup but mine seems to wear off quickly. A tutorial is a good idea

  4. Hello and thank you I am currently working on getting better software for making video because I am definitely interested I do have one tutorial on here go check it out and tell me what you think :-) but again thank you for the love and feedback will get on that asap!