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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting the Most from the Natural Experience!!

Alot of Natural sistas believe that to let go of the perm and start from scratch is all there is to going natural along with the trial and error sessions of trying new products but there is way more to this process. In the past weeks I have discovered that this process should be more of a internal one if you working its way from the inside out with that being said I have gained more consciousness on the things I eat and how they affect my body with the winter months approaching I have begain to take vitamins that support immunity, hair, skin, and nails and others that just help with the overall person I am writing to encourage you to drink plenty of water get you veggy intake  up and care for the inner you as well as you tend to the outer you because you cannot have one with out the other let make this a natural journey of re discovering our better selves!!! Just a kind word of advice!!

Yours Naturally,

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