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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Color and Natural Hair

Hello I know its been a few weeks since I last posted but since I am days away from celebrating my two month natural hair anniversary I thought I would go ahead and share that I have added color I decided to do so because my natural hair color was not giving the pop I needed and it felt as though I was missing a finishing touch thanks Mom!! So i used the Soft Sheen Carson Dark and Lovely brand my color of choice was Red Hot Rhythum I must say I am greatly pleased. 

I bet you are asking if my hair is any different or has my regime changed huh?? Of course you are and my answer is going to me no my hair texture is still the same but after careful research I learned that when color is added its thins a later of the hair so it makes it easier to lose moisture but the best remedy for retaining moisture is to deep condition or co/wash with a great conditioner.
 Shampooing is not something you have to do with natural hair but some prefer to do since our hair needs oils and moisture and given that most shampoos strip the hair of that its best to condition conditon and co/wash this cleanses the hair and adds moisture as well.

What have I been up too??
Recently I have been spritzing my hair with this mix I put to gether this mixture is what I called my hydrate moisture mix : you add a little spring/distilled water, a little aloe vera juice or gel, an essential oil of your choice but i chose to add jojoba, lavender, rosemary, and tea tree oils, some gylcerin because its helps hold moisture

Once you have all ingredients added you shake well and spritz onto hair for a nice moisture fix what many of us do not know is natural hair needs moisture and water provides that moisture but the oils we use help seal the moisture into the hair follicles so the thing we want to remember is to add moisture and this will keep our locks strong, shiny and beautiful.  for more simple recipes please stay tuned!!!! Posted below are pics of my color and growth since September 18,2011

Naturally Yours,

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