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Monday, November 14, 2011

Natural Hair is it a Trend or is it here to Stay My take****

Hey ladies I am sure you have heard many say that the new thing is black women going natural and is this just some new trend. I personally feel that the decision to go natural is more than just a trend because of the transitions and the growth process required. In a trend you have something that shows up on the scene quick and at the blink of an eye its gone. In going natural I have learned that in somethings there is a required level of patience and since cutting my hair and fading it short I have indeed learned patience with my new and growing look every week there is a different level of growth and change with my hair but I must admit I love the changes and the levels of transition from super short to wow all this soft and beautiful hair. Ladies !his is not a step to tread lightly because when you consider this process it requires a life style change just my take and the answer is NO GOING NATURAL IS NOT A TREND ITS A CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE .

Also I have some new product I am trying listed below::

I am using Lekair Cholesterol $2.99 (Deep Conditioner with Aloe Vera, Cholesterol, Jojoba Oil, Protein)- This product has thick consistency the smell is very good and lightly fragranted I applied on my hair to deep conditioned since I recently added color my hair feels soft and smells fresh I would suggest this product but I will try it out for  a few weeks and let you know further my results and opinion.

Also I am still using the hydrating spritz I made with some bottled water, essentials oils lavender, Rosemary, Tea tree, and Jojoba, along with vegestable glycerin, and Aloe vera Juice. This product works well for a daily wet and go look and it allows your hair to get the needed moisture with the mix of water and the oil to seal the hair cuticles. I love it so far!!

My routine is currently wash once a week, deep condition weekly and daily spitz my hair with water and oils, I only add styling gel if I am going out but if its a day in I add no gel.

Again this is what I am doing it may not work for everyone but I love my results counting down till my two month Natural post big Chop Annicersary!!!

  1. Continue to support me and I will continue to share my story of my natural hair journey!!

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