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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A fun new way to play with color!!

Hello Ladies!!

 Happy New Years again to all my readers I am coming to you with a new tip and some health tips for your lifestyle. So its the New Year and some of you are like I would like to change my Natural up some but I am not too big on taking risk well I have the perfect suggestion for you.

If you are looking to add a boost of shine or spunk to your hair try rinsing it with a semi-Permanent or demi. I just tried a Mocha Brown rinse and I must say it was that boost my hair need to bring that shine back.
Hey relax rinses are totally harmless because they are water based which means when you wash or shampoo they gradually wash out and they do not chemically alter the hair color so you can try as many browns or black that you like.

Now if you are like me and you like to test the waters a little there is always permanent coloring or going to a professional to get a color enhancement treatment. These are safe but can be harmful if proper hair care is apart of your routine.

The Pros- Since you are natural you are no longer combating relaxed hair and the permanent chemical so its less damage to the hair.

Well ladies that is my tip on Natural hair and adding some color so its the New Year add some flare to that fabulous natural hair of your and send me pics to and I will feature them here!!!

Naturally Minah,

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