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Monday, November 28, 2011

Miss Jessies curly pudding**

Hey ladies this is ya girl Minah coming at you with a product review so I recently purchased the Miss Jessies curly pudding and the curly buttercreme so far I am satisfied with the results but not enough to continue use of this product ;. I have found that I did  acheive the best results with this product when my hair was damp. I co-washed my hair and applied the curly pudding and to my surprised I was blessed with a head full of coils and curls and its was great to finally have some luck at achieving coils and curls without having to aplly a multitude of different products however now I am not saying that product layering is wrong I am simply saying that I was a two step process and I had my hair styled.

The Cons to this product was it made my hair hard after it dried and the smell is too much for me I have decided to return the product be cause cost and its value to me just doesn't balance but at least I gave it a shot.

If you are interested in trying this wash and Go style now is the perfect time at select Targets and at you can now purchase Miss Jessies products at a holiday rate of buy one get one free so I was able to buy the pudding and the buttercreme. I found that these two products work insync with each other because you apply the Pudding immediately following a wash and then the next morning or so you apply the buttercreme to revive and bring curls back to life.

And I will say that not all products or suggestions work for everyone but I am curious and excited about this natural journey so I am open to trying things that may work for my hair. Again results may very I hope this helps some one stay tuned for more Natural journey with Minah!!!

Yours Naturally,


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