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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why Should You Use the Protective Styling Method?

Hey Ladies,

Most recently I have been inspired to protect my strands and make it a priority to moisturize and try more protective stying.

So you ask what is protective stying? Protective styling is a way of braiding or twisting your hair to protect your ends from breaks and spit ends. For some its a way of lowering manipulation which can prevent wear and tear on the hair.

What are ways I can protective style? I have found wearing a sew in or wig has been great in protecting my hair expecially when hair is short or even for temporary convenience. For those whose hair is longer I would suggest braids or twists. Today there are so many styles options naturals can use to protect hair but one thing that is a must and that is to remember to keep hair hydrated and moisturized.

Why is it so important I keep my hair moisturized because our hair is so curly and spiraled the natural oil produced on our scalp cannot travel down the strand to penetrate our strands and without proper moisture our strands become fragile and brittle and they break. Proper moisture keeps the hair strands hydrated which prevents breakage.

How do I moisturize?

1. Use a light leave in with key ingredient Aqua or water
2. Apply a sealing oil or butter such as shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil or a butter blend of oils.

3. Opt for a braided or twisted style this allows strands to band to gether and allows the moisture to penetrate the stands.

I can stay following this simple technique has protected my strands and I can see length retention.

 Remember protective styling can be as simple as rocking a head scarf
Ladies I hope I have helped you today keep reading as I guide you on this journey!!

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