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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Big price and Name does not mean Quality or Better!!

Hey ladies,

As you know I have been busy trying out new products to compare and contrast. I recently tried out two new conditioners - Matrix Biolage conditioning balm ($32.00) and Lustrasilk Shea Butter Ultra Cholesterol conditioner ($2.99-3.99).

I have to admit both are great conditioners but for my hair if I had to choose the better conditioner I would choose the Lustrasilk because as many of you know the secret to detangling natural hair is a conditioner with great slip.

While using the Lustrasilk I for the first time in a while discovered it had just the right kind of slip my hair needed and left my hair still feeling very good and moisturized.

But there are pros to this situation so you see I have two conditioners one for detangling and then the other. You ask what can I do with a whole jar of expensive conditioner? Some may even think what a waste of money? I have decided I can use the expensive conditoner for my cowashes and use the Lustra silk for detangling problem solved.

Ladies I said this to say becareful when buying or selecting your products because sometimes the not so expensive brands offer more and you get more product. Now I would encourage you to use your own judgment in making purchase because its still not safe to safe cheap is better but in this lessoned I learned that a $2.99-3.99 conditioner is just as good as a $32.00 conditioner.

Below are pics of my hair with the Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol conditioner

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