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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Detangle Genie (The Denman Brush)

Hey Ladies,

 Its been a while since I have come to you but today I will share what the latest products and tools I have been using and also some product and hair tips suggestions.

As many of you know natural hair is a series of trials and errors. Lately I have been trying different things to get and idea of what works and what doesn't.

I recently discovered the denman brush this brush has been an answer to my detangling blues. However as with any tool I still experience some pulling of my strands but this little tool has made detangling my tighly coiled and curly hair much faster and easier.

Denman Brush
Sold: Sally's beauty
Price: 9.99
Use:  Works best when use on wet or damp hair for detangling hair before styling or for adding curly definition while detangling.

Pros:  Great tool for detangling speeds of detangling time and adds curl definition.
Cons Can pull strands out if used to rough or to much and call also snag knots and tangles.

Review:  I would suggest trying the denman because it helps make detangling hair much easier. With the right product breakage is minimal. I believe this tool if combines with the right condition that offers the right kind of slip is a joy to have in the proeduct cabinets.

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