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Friday, June 15, 2012

Natural hair and trimming**

Hey Ladies!!

I am writing to you about a subject that is bound to come up once you decide to grow those lovely curls out to a full head of glory. For some its the most dreaded subject to discuss even when one was relaxed you hated this time of the year! Yes its when is it safe to trim? How often to trim and how to tell when hair needs a trim? Here are some tips and suggestions I will share from my research:

One blogger known as Curly Nikki states:  My hair is fine and wavy (mostly s curls with a few coils). 

-I conduct Search and Destroys and on occasion, will clip the ends of my twists.

-It depends on the condition of my hair. If my curls are acting a donkey and tangling and snagging no matter what I do, I'll snip the ends of the twists prior to rolling them for a Twist-n-Curl (I do this a few times a year). Usually it's a micro trim (less than an inch), but sometimes I'll chop off more (like last December).
I conduct Search and Destroys whenever I happen to grab a curl and can see more than a split end or two without straining. I do this while sitting in front of the TV, or standing in the bathroom mirror... even while on the internet. The lighting in all three situations is perfect! After snipping a few, I become anal and my sessions can last more than an hour. I cut just above the split and apply moisturizer as I go. After I finish a S&D, I'm usually on my way to re-style, because it leaves me with a frizzy, undefined mess.

So yeah, I trim when detangling becomes more difficult than usual, and when I too easily run across split ends.

Also, I buy my hair shears from Target, Sallys, Walgreens, or Ulta. I never spend more than fifteen dollars and ONLY use them for my hair. I threw my shears away in early January because my preggy hormones were making me reach for them more often than usual. I'll probably buy another pair in August.

I believe this may be a great and cost effective way to trim ends...

Stay tuned I will be continuing my research on when to trim how to trim and how often this is only the beginning.

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