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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Black men and Hair and what they have to say!!!

Hey Ladies,

About a month ago I took to my facebook to pose a question to see what the response from the men would be and today I am sharing how and what they feel about us and how hair and out physical appearance so get ready its juicy!!!!!

Mr.Walden stated :Views on Black Women and their hair: My perspective is that I prefer natural hair. One the most intimate things for me as a man is to rub my hands through my woman's hairs. When a woman has weave or extensions it takes away that realness and intimateness. I feel Black women should be proud of their hair and learn to better accept and find more ways to make their hair work to their advantage as well as image. Black woman do do that now however in the wrong way. Many times I see black woman with weave and have anywhere from 1-5 colors in their hair. And who are black women trying to please or impress by wearing weave? As of father of two young half black daughters I tell them all the time about being proud of their because they sometimes talk about how "poofy" it is and how they want it straight. Be proud of your heritage and what you, and stop being concerned with what pleases others. Natural is the way to go.

Mr.Brooks stated: In my opinion, I love to see an African-American woman with the natural look. Most black men that I associate with prefer realness. No fake hair, fake boobs, fake nails, etc. Now if the nails are not all wild, long, and loud in color, then it may be cool. I may feel this way because my father never wanted my mom or sister's wearing such things. So I guess it was instilled in me early in age. I have done some reasearch myself and found that the majority of men looks at a woman's hair first believe it or not. More men prefer long over short no matter if its natural or not. But I think what attracts a real man to a real woman is Natural Beauty. 

Mr.Baker Stated: 
  • I think the black woman is the most beautiful thing on earth! Her hair sets her apart from all other women. It can be shaped formed or fitted to match her grace. That said,green, red blond ect... takes some of that grace away.

    So the fellas have spoken ladies I hope you enjoy their feed back!!

1 comment:

  1. Now those are the opinions of real me. I have nothing but respect for these fellas...I agree to a certain extent. Good looking weave is not unacceptable if its health related. Like some women take medications or its hereditary that they have thin hair. Now mind you I said, "good looking". Other than that all the other fake lashes, butt pads, and all that other fake stuff can go#inspirationtotransition