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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Journey of Natural***

Hey Ladies,

I was chatting with a natural hair coach friend of mind recently who inspired me to write this post. She said Yaminah your natural hair story is uncommon for many because most prefer to go natural through transitioning. She also suggested that even though its been 10 months I should about my journey how it started and how I got to where I am today so ladies are you ready!!

About 10 months ago I went into the barber shop and asked my friend to fade my hair all the way down leaving very little hair. Upon arriving I called my best friend to come with me for support. I had made up my mind days prior that I wanted to go ahead and take the challenge and go natural cold turkey. So September 18,2011 was my big day it was the day I decided to shave all my relaxed hair off.  It took about 2 hours to finish my very precise cut . One of the big questions I had for my barber was about my head shape and if I had dents I was concerned because he had already gashed my head so I could not turn back but guess what I didn't so it was all good. While sitting in the chair I was not allowed to look in the mirror my barber and bestie wanted it to be a total surprise. What was going through my head? Although I am very comfortable with my look and confident in my natural beauty I was nervous. It had been days since I had spoken with my guy friend so he had no clue and I decided to cut my hair knowing he hated short hair and natural hair at that but it was my choice. I will say ladies when you decide to go natural it should be a decision of choice no one else's opinions should matter because this can create doubt and discourage you. One thing I knew upon cutting my hair and shaving it was that I was beautiful beyond my hair length and texture although I had to keep reminding myself of this during the cutting process. So after my hair was finish I ran to the mirror and grabbed my makeup bag because it was not quite me yet but once I had gotten my goodies added a little  powder, some mascara, my favorite lipstick and my good earrings I was in my zone. So as days passed by I grew more and more use to my new look but this was the easy part considering only my barber and best friend had seen my hair no one else had seen me yet.

About a week later I was given the opportunity to travel home and then from there to a annual event that drew many locals from my home town. This was the annual St.Louis trip so I was so excited I said count me in not realizing everyone that new me would get to see my freshly shaven head. At that moment I was like oh my this should be interesting. As the days drew near I got nervous I started to imagine the stares and glares and debated buying a wig and so I went to my local hair store and purchased a wig. As I made my trip home I was torn between excitement and nervousness. I arrived home and the first person I saw was my mom and dad. My mom was simply like WOW!! Your Brave and that was all she had to say lol! My dad was like oh Lawd who did this to my baby!! He asked if I had been attacked and lost the battle LMAO!! He did not like it at all and he said I sure pray for your hair a speedy grow back. I just laughed it off still loving my new look but it made me more nervous because the next person I saw was my then Boyfriend and he was mortified!!!. Believe it or not we split shortly after that irreconcilable differences lol!.

So the next day I left for Saint Louis and we arrived at the game and yes it happened everyone I saw that I knew either stared in complete shock or thought it was fab and wanted to touch it!! Even though it was my head not much hair but ok it was kinda funny. One thing I realized at this point was how concerned people were with my hair and head once I cut it all off I never got this much attention before. Later after my trip my friends were calling and informing of what others felt about my hair and it was just as expected. However I found many admired my new look and were inspired.

For the last 10 months I have embrace a side of myself that I am most proud of I have embraced a strength and courage from breaking stereotype barriers. I have also found that to be beautiful one must be confident in the beauty that our creator has given us. I will say that going natural is not for the week minded because you have be assured of your self and who you are because nothing or no one will offer that validation for you.

I have invested in earrings of all shapes and sizes, I love conditioners and wash n go, I have too many night caps to count but they are a must. I treat my hair with optimum care and I watch what I eat and take in as well it has been a lifestyle change for me. I have also made it  a regular part of my life to workout and drink plenty of water because what goes in comes out!

I have noticed that in the last 10 months a different kind of man approaches me now! I believe the natural shows a different kind of confidence in a woman and this has drawn a more confident kind of man to me. I am still single but I notice the change in the men that approach me. And ladies men of all nationalities love the African American woman's hair as well.

You ask if this has changed me and i will have to respond with yes! At first i thought it was just hair but on this journey I have had high and lows in my personal life and in life just in general but through it all I am GROWING!!!! GROWING!! I am stronger and my perspective is alot clearer no I have not arrived yet but I am evolving.

I know many women desire to transition but this is to encourage women with the thought of going natural or those on the Journey you can do it!!! I hope I have answered some of your questions and offered a good laugh or too!! This is my story!!


  1. wow!!!! loved loved LOVED your story!!!

  2. Thank you Jasmine i appreciate the support!! :-)

  3. Girl, simply beautiful! I love the confidence in your style and story. Very inspiring :-)

  4. Thank you!! Yogi for reading my story and checking out my blog I really appreciate it :-) Happy Holidays to you!!