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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I use to be shy about admitting I wanted you My “Euphoria Highway” Design..Not sure how to explain this..but I love the uniqueness of this.#design. Euphoria for the hair and cosmic look of it..Highway..because of the curves of her body(plus it’s a Prince Song :)
I often crack jokes and played the independent woman role as if I was invincible and would never fall.
At this point in my life I will admit that I Yaminah Marie Stribling wants my very own dose of it!! There I said it!!  

I think about trips and  vacations in my head of us traveling the world and gaining new experiences! 
I see the holidays spent with our families sharing and creating new traditions.
this is in my living room as well... along with pictures of myself! The nights and days of coming home to you and laughing for no reason at all.  
The prayers we share together living and achieving success while building our empire.  
I think about the ups and the downs and the choice THE CHOICE!!! 
We make to get through them together.
 I smile knowing you choose to be here and we choose to be the best for each other.

At this point I am fighting pass my hurts and believing that this dream I share of you will be my reality. I will admit I have been wanting you for sometime now can you give me a call. This time I am foreal and ready to land not fall in your arms. (Ready for love/relationships) 

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