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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where I wanna Be**

I am stuck not in a hard place but a uncomfortable place. In this place I am safe but but not secure I want more I long for it and there is this feeling within me that tells me I am greater than this and its only capsizing my abilities. I am ready I want to chase my dream but the problem is the dream is so big so bold I can hardly contain it. I am burning with the anger and frustration of getting to where I wanna be I know that in this world anything worth having takes hard work. I sometimes wonder if I have gone in the right direction I look at what I have true passion for and my current stance and what drives me do not line up. Where I wanna be is in a place where my skills are polished a place I naturally excel not one that bores me and makes me long for things and dreams hope for where I wanna be is a driving a force deep within me that I am impelled to follow I pray and pray and I feel the urge Lord help I don't wanna act to hasty or move to swiftly but where I wanna be I hope I get there soon be cause being here standing still is draining me. I will get there some how some way I am sure of it.

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