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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MY Natural Hair Routine Week 3

After three weeks I have found a useful yet simple routine and that is I wash my hair every other week that works for me considering my hair is short now I do like the Co-Wash Method but at present with the harsh and hard water here in Texas I will only be washing every other week now I do utilize the spray bottle method to dampen my hair. Daily I like to apply my Hawaiian Silky 14 N 1 Leave In conditioner along with my essentials oils by Beautiful curls its the Shea Butter and Coconut Hydrating Curl oil for Curly to Kinky hair now its really good and only requires very little to get the job done provides shine and moisture through out the day and night not over greasy or shiney. I have and do like to use Eco styling gel but only if I want a more define curl or defined look. For days when I am mostly home I prefer not to use the gel because I do not care if my hair is tamed or not when at home or hitting the gym. Hope you guys like this I will be sharing with you a natural hair styling techiniques I found via youtube!!

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