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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Natural Hair and Pure Essential Oils!! Must try this at home remedy!!

Hey ladies I am coming to you with a new simple and easy remedy its called getting to know my essential oils. Ok so one may ask what is an essential oil?

Essential Oils-they are highly concentrated aromatic essences of plants from around the world. They are extracted directly from various plant parts such as : the roots,flower,fruits, leaf and wood.

Today I will give you a new hair remedy that I am currently trying out to combat dryness, itch, and flaky scalp.
 The reason I chose this remedy was simply for the benefits of each essential oil I will be mixing Pure Lavender oil, Pure Tea tree oil and Pure Rosemary oil along with my carrier oils for skin jojoba oil.

Brief Oil description-
Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)- is a great for toning, refreshing, relaxing, and calming also used on the scalp for scent and cleasning

Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)- has intense, medicinal arona, tea tree is a superier essential oil that can be used on skin to cleanse and purify as well as stimulate the scalp and promote healty and shiny hair grown as well as a healthy scalp and prevent premature hair loss and premature graying

Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)- has a fresh and purifying and anti-microbial properties that help nourish the scalp and relieve tension and flaky scalp and itching and promotes hair growth works well as a massage blend

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinesis)- is extracted from the seed of a desert shrub in the American southwest, Jojoba contains proteins, liquid waxes and unique fatty acids. This oil is great because it resembles the skins own natural oils and emollients

Okay now that I have briefly explained to you what each oil is and its purpose I will begin with how to mix these oils and why. Because these oils are pure and all natural they can be strong and must be diluted with water or a carrier oil and a carrier oils is simply and oil that can be allied topical and blended with other oils that safe to apply on skin without any irritation. so you add about 10-15 drops of each oil and then you add about double the amount of the jojoba oil it depends on how much you make its safe to add extra drop if you want to increase potency but remember in doing so you must dilute properly with water or your carrier oil. With essentials oils you must keep them stored in a cool place away from sun light I bough a dark blue glass dropper bottle and placed my oils in the bottle for storage. Once combines you must shake very well to ensure properly mixed i also added a dab of pure olive oil to just for fun.

Once properly mixed just take the dropper and apply oil to scalp instantly you feel a cool and refreshing sensation and it also provides ease to itching scalp and relief.

 I hope you enjoy this mixture let me know what you think.

Note* the cost of these oils vary on size I spent about $28.00 but its great compared to buying the more expensive natural hair products that separately cost you the same and I have a lot of it so I can make additional mixtures for friends to sample.

On this journey you want whats pure and natural what provides you with optimum performance and in just a single night I can tell the difference.  All products can be found at you local Whole foods market or organic natural store or online good luck let me know what you think and i will keep you posted on results!!!

Yours Naturally,

Minah Marie!

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