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Monday, February 13, 2012

Natural Hair and Straight Ends!!!

Hello Ladies,

 It has been a while we are one day away from Valentine's and I have decided to make a post okay here is the scoop have to been in this position before you pick and detangle your natural to find random straight pieces and you think maybe I should snip at them well that where I have been lately.

I have found these random straight pieces in my hair and I have decided to snip at them to give my fro a bit of a normal even look but before you trim your stray ends I have  suggestion for you:

Tips On Trimming Straight Ends!!
Go to your local Walmart, beauty supply, or sallys and purchase some new shears

What are Shears you ask? Shears are sharp scissors that will only be used for trimming hair

Why can they only be used for trimming hair? With shears if you use them to cut open boxes or to cut at different objects you will cause the blade to become dull and the next time you decide to trim you hair you will not cut with precision and this could split your ends very badly so you want to only use you shears for
hair trimming.

So I recently tried out a new product by EO which is an all natural organic product line I chose to try the protective conditioner because of its:

Moisture Rich/color treated Hair
Nourish-with chamomile essential oil and rose absolute
Vibrant color- with sunflower and green tea extracts, hisbiscus
Fortify-quinoa protein
Revitalize-gotu kola
condition-oils of jojoba, cocunut, and olive

I thought to my self this must be a heaven sent product so far this conditioner along with the shampoo and deep conditioner has proven it self to be a worthy product I purchased this product at whole foods for 7.99 which is not bad huh? No not at all

Hair Tip
Ladies when it comes to your hair only you knows  exactly what is needed with my hair it needs hydration and moisture due to the fact that I have color and I have  TWA that is flattened in the morning I need something that gives my hair a boost although I think this product is great is is always good to do your research on products and make sure they offer the benefits that meet your hair needs!!!

Until next time ladies keep supporting thanks!!!


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