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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Hair Regime and Curl Defining Trick****

Hey Ladies,

So as you know learning your natural hair and what works and what doesn't is trial and error and I  have found a new way of defining my curls and shaping up my look and I want to share with you I hope this helps you in your journey of finding products that work for you so here goes!!!!

1. I co-wash every other day to prevent product build up
2. I spray hair with EVOO-Extra Virgin Olive Oil and water  saturate hair
3. I then apply leave in condition just a dab (can be applied at night if it does not mix well with styling products)
4. I have added Queen Hellenes royal curl defining cream to help define my curls
5. Lastly I switched from Evo-Styler gel to Aloe Vera gel because it allows my hair to dry soft and not hard and crunchy!!!

I have been following the steps in that order and I have been achieving my look I hope this helps those in search I will post a picture of what I use
  Now results are not guaranteed but I sure hope this helps someone!!! Good luck!!

here is a side view after my hair dried

here is my finish look

back view

products that I have been using I will be reviewing a conditioner I have been using soon!!

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