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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coconut Oil review****

Hello ladies,

I know its been a few weeks but I have to share with you that my investment in coconut oil has been a great one this product has proven to be a great moisturizer for both my hair and skin.

I have been using this oil on a daily basis on both my skin and hair within a week I notice I had softer more supple and smoother skin. The great thing about coconut oil is it absorbs into the skin quickly it does not sit on the skins outer layer like some oils or moisturizers.

My Reasons For Use: In Texas the water is very drying and has proven to be very rough on the skin in the winter months and I needed some to add to my daily moisturizer to combat the dryness and Coconut oil has been very effective.

I suggest you grab you some at your local whole foods or grocery market I have been using the hair and skin kind there are two kinds the one for hair and skin and the food degradable version both can be used.

Coconut Oil  and Hair-

I have been using Coconut oil to oil and grease my scalp to prevent dryness and also as a hair polish. I have found my hair to be softer and maintain a nice natural shine. I use the oil at night to oil my scalp because all Naturals know that the key to growing strong healthy hair from the roots is to make sure your scalp is healthy and that is why each night I massage the oil onto my scalp before I put my satin cap on.

Again I recommend trying pure coconut oil as well as even drink and adding coconut water and milk to your diet  I will list below some very beneficial benefits of both

Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut is very good for your health. It can be used by people with lactose intolerance as a substitute for milk. Coconut milk is also popular with vegans. It makes a great base for smoothies and can also be used as yoghurt. It tastes delicious with fruit and muesli.
Coconut milk has a slightly sweetish taste and has just the faintest aroma of coconut. It has a 17% fat content. The fat is mostly lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid that is much easier for the body to break down and metabolize than long chain fatty acids found in such fats as sunflower, soy and safflower. Lauric acid is remarkable in that it is antimicrobial, anti fungal and anti protozoal. Thus drinking coconut milk helps to protect the body from infections and viruses. As with coconut water, coconut milk can be taken as a daily health supplement.
Another benefit of coconut milk is that although it is a yoghurt and milk substitute it doesn’t go off quickly. Coconut milk contains anti-oxidants that stop it going rancid. An unopened can of coconut milk won’t go bad for many months. If it is opened and has an inconsistent thickness that is because the thin and thick milk has separated, not that it has gone off. This consumer problem is solved by some brands by adding thickening agents.

Antioxidant Properties of Coconut Milk

Not only is the antioxidant quality of coconut milk useful for storage it is also important for health. It means that after you eat coconut milk it doesn’t go rancid in your stomach. This is the opposite of low fat spreads and margarine that contain polyunsaturated fats that quickly go bad, even before it has passed through the human digestive system. There are long term health implications of having rancid material in the body.

Fight Lipid Disorders

Regularly drinking coconut milk either in smoothies, desserts or in other foot items helps to maintain a balance of lipids in the body. Thus coconut milk is a good medicine against hyperlipidemia – the condition of too much cholesterol in the body. Hyperlipidemia causes coronary problems, strokes and other vascular disorders. The Indians in their traditional medicine called Ayurveda consider coconut milk a very important medicine. (ref:Wikipedia)

Coconut Milk as Substitute for Dairy Products

Finally, coconut milk is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It is considered a good replacement for dairy products because it contains high levels of calcium that are needed to keep bones healthy. It also contains potassium and other important minerals.
Coconut milk tastes like it should be bad for you because it is rich and delicious. It can be taken in many different ways. It might contain saturated fat, but coconut milk is very good for you. (
Hope this helps and blesses someone naturally!!

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