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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Identify products for your Hair***

Hey Ladies on this Natural hair Journey we will all discover a variety of different things such as how our hair differs from others. I bet you are just like me spend your late njights watching Youtube videos on how to's and product suggestions but even after watching those you still have to  go to the hair store and get your products and if you are like me I read the directions and ingredient information to make sure it specific to my hair care needs. One thing I suggest in your Journey is to keep a progress report and this can be as simple as dedicating a page in your  journal or Iphone calendar to hair specifics

( For example I write down what my routine is every week or everytime I make a change this makes it easy to remember and offer suggestions)

Today I saw a post on Facebook where Carol Daughter asked if one could create a product for the line what would it be? My response was I would create more hair specific products for example some of us have thinning hair and some have dry scalp. I would create products that dedicate to a specific issue. Now ladies I suggest that before you go and buy all these products that are suggested you thoroughly evaluate your hair and its needs and buy accordingly because hair products especially for natural hair can get costly. I however have opted to go the most natural route so Whole Foods Market is my hair store now!!! I know that my hair needs oil and moisture so I am only concerned with maximizing moisture while not clogging pores.  I buy products that are light and moisture rich as well as curl defining. Again I am coming to you on a tip of encouraging you to evaluate your hair needs and shop accordingly also support those fair trade products because that helps provide support to our sistas and brothers in the mother lands and other countries!!

Also check out my pics its my one month Hair Anniversary and I am loving it!!

Your Naturally,,


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