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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Defining Natural curls!!!

Okay so I was watching You Tube and I was watching a video by Coloured Beautiful I hope I got her name correct and she was doing a tutorial on defining curls now to test this method I did the tutorial on one of my friends who is a natural sista as well. Now our story is a little different because this required a hair color. This is her first time coloring her natural hair and after a few inquires we chose to go with Dark and Lovely Soft Sheen Carson Red Hot Rhythm. I had my friend deep condition her hair the day prior. I applied the color and allowed it to stay on for 30 mins on natural hair. After Rinsing the color out I applied more conditioner and this is wear the method suggested by Coloured Beautiful comes into play so we applied conditioner to the already damp hair and massaged it in until it was not visible then I applied the Eco Style gel and more water and blended those in and my did girl friends curls pop and as it dried the curls maintained their position and she was rocking her natural curls and coils through the rest of the day and night and it was amazing to see the new vibrate color and curls pics coming soon of this style and to my amaze ment this was my first natural hairstyle and my friends know me as the hair person so I was excited at doing her hair. With a successful turnout look for more hair tips!!

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  1. Well, Ya I'm glad you're enjoying your low cut transition, and will continue to track your progress. I also started a blog come check me out.
    Love ya
    C. Orange