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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lets Define Beauty!!

I must say that we live in a shallow world where women are defined by certain standards of beauty. I have worn relaxed hair all my life and never received any questions about it until the day i cut all my hair off the guys were like why? Some went on to assume I was having man problems or single? Some even suggested I'd stay single lol! Because of it but Ladies I define beauty as what works for you whatever you have going on in your life that complements and works for you as a woman i suggest you go with that I am writing to encourage you to step over that boundary of what standards are beauty are because we ourselves should set those rules and hell break them if we choose too! One thing I realized in my recent transition is I notice so much more about my self and I truly believe to be beautiful its a trait that dwells within the individual and it pours outward not the other way around. I encourage you to take risks I once played it safe of course I don't want you to go jump off a bridge not that kind of risk but be daring test the elements of beauty heck who says I can't look or wear my hair a certain way or rock my makeup a certain but in all you do make sure it appropriate and tasteful again I am embracing this change within my self because I notice with growth there is development and I am learning that hair it come and it grows this is my motivation to other women who are curious but afraid of the critics and what they will be perceive as I say welcome sista we all have a unique ness embrace your bare all and natural side I have!! But I love all phases of me I wont say my natural is better than my relaxed or Vice Versa I just love me and breaking rules *****

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