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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its been 30 days!!!! (30 Day notice)!!

So ladies have you even had some someone vamp on you. I mean this guy didn't  leave notice or advance warning well its been 30 days.  I am like what changed your mind , why is that you want to talk and spend time now my friends telling me to chill and go with the flow. I am like really should I just chill its easy to say what I should and shouldn't do after you spent you last 30 days with your man. I have spent my 30 days wondering if it was something I had done was I too blunt, was I too laid back, I know I am the model type so what was the problem. Its good to hear from you but I still have alot of unanswered questions. At first I'll admit I was hella excited to hear his voice. I smiled and you could hear it in my voice but then reality set in that it had been 30 days. I am way to much fun,fine,sexy, sophisticated to just get benched. I am wondering who did you spend your days and nights with?  Who did you invite out to enjoy being the center of your attention? Why is it now you want to get back into my good graces is this a game? I must admit I am not one for teasing my self so now I am pondering should I?? I know I have spent countless nites and days alone. I think of all the times I tried to text and got no reply! Your excuse baby my phone been acting up think of countless voicemails I had left you and didnt get a call for weeks. I am saying you could have given me a DAmn 30 days notice!!! 

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