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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Honesty First!!

I have alot of friends whom i converse with alot and most of the time we talk and share personal stories recently I discovered something among our conversations and that was that its easy to talk about and around our issues but its hard to just be honest. Have you ever sat at home and evaluated all the wrongs in your life and then you thought on the strategies to fix them and got nothing yes I am sure you have because I have been there but the one thing I realize is being honest today we have so many Real people or those that claim to be but the hardest thing to do is to sit and be real with yourself I mean its no but you I totally feel MJ on this song man in the mirror. But how many of us can say we have faced the man or woman in the mirror the one thing about being honest with self is you open up and acknowledge the flaws from within you admit to the things you fail at or done. Being honest with self can bring you to tears but its sheds light on the cures to future endeavors. I suggest that we start being more honest with ourselves stop settling so much and compromising. Because I've notice the times I settled or compromised my true feelings for something or someone else when the shoe was on the other foot I always had to respect the truth so now its simply honesty first if I want a committment I am not settling for companionship. If I want steak do not bring me turkey lol!! If I want to go out I will not settle for a movie in if I want marriage you can't offer me a platonic relationship its time to be honest with our selves. Too many times we blame others for the wrongs in our lives but did you ever stop and think that maybe its could possibly be some things you did may its not just them and may you could change a few things to now its seems like I coming down on you but I am just shedding light my friends start today on a new path of searching within yourself and learn how to live long and strong, laugh harder, and love, love, love!! Peace!!!

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