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Thursday, July 8, 2010

In the waiting room!!

I am sitting in the waiting room waiting on the breakthrough news I do not know what to expect But I know what it is I want my heart is racing my the anticipation of waiting. I know that at this point its going to take faith to get me through this even if its the faith of a mustard . I have my mind set that no matter what there is no going backwards for me. I am waiting on the outcome the verdict as I go through the surgery of life and the incisions of ups and downs I am still convinced that in the end I will be much better than I was before. I have my family waiting for me and they are cheering know that once I leave the ER of life's trials and tribulations I will have yet to give all the glory and honor to God. The Doctor is so full of science he reminds me of doubt you know with all the talk of the should a, could a, would a, but I am not worried. In the waiting room I know that is the time that I should rejoice and give thanks because this means that my breakthrough coming through those doors of my future are all the things I desire and I know that God gives the best to his children so I am sitting here in my faithfulness thanking and praising him daily for getting me through it while in the waiting room people stare and wonder what is she doing here? wonder what's her issue, but they look and see my glory but they do not know my story at all. I sit and I am quiet because that where God has placed me in a quiet place. So if you are in the waiting room in life right now just wait on the Lord because he shall renew your strength I am in the waiting room and sometimes when its quiet and it seems like nothing is happening I like to say even though i have no clue God is working every thing out for my good!! And now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen so wait on the Lord Wait I say on the Lord!!!

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