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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strength defined!!

The black woman is strong enough to grow up without a father and still succeed and not believe the myth that a black girl with out a father is destined to find love in the arms of all the wrong men, she is strong enough to get educated and go through public school, she has the wisdom and confidence to say no to sex before its time, she allows no one to define her and how she should present herself in society, she is a trendsetter, she is daring and bold, she allows no one to walk on her or over her, she is humble enough to serve and strong enough to lead, she has a balance of strength and fight to accomplish any task set out. For years and years people tried to measure the beauty of a black woman but today I tell it cannot be measured the Black woman ranges from the lightest pigment to those sexy brown shades of brown down to the sensual smooth shades of chocolate she was chiseled by God himself to be the beauty of the ball. Despite being taken into slavery and overcoming those obstacles even then her beauty could not be denied when the slave masters even took a un sighted eye at her. The black woman is so beautiful that white women have gone to such measures to immulate her naturally thicks lips, round hips, firm bottom, and even the style of hair designs and selections. The Black woman is recognized for her unique appearance and appeal she is able to catch a mans eye even on her worst day her smile is one that has been caputuring hearts for years even today when our men have opted for a less of a challenge by seeking the love of others she is still confident in her beauty and she refuses that because statistics say more than 42% of sisters are single she will never marry The black woman is not convinced. The Black woman is a woman that takes any challenge as an opportunity for growth and development. The black woman is Strength defined she is able to love not because of but inspite she is kinda,caring,forgiving she is the only Woman that has not given up on our men she is the beauty who is now exalted in the White House . Many have doubted and hated on the Black woman but she is a proven goddess of strength today I say if you want to see strength think of the Black woman and after the thought has come in to your mind and settle get down on one knee and offer God the highest thank for making the Black woman your favorite phrase should be TGI(B)W!!! Thank God for a Black Woman!!

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