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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The beginnning!!!!

So its my Senior year in college a year ago I am at my prime. I am currently holding the title of Miss Senior 2008-2009 as I wrap up my senior year I just have no clue that life after is serious business. I make it to May 9, 2009 one of the most important days in my life and it hits me that all of a sudden I realized that I have completed high school successfully and I went straight to college. I have always been a very busy young lady keeping myself busy and involved has always been what I have maintained. While in college I would say I was a very popular girl. But now the moment has come for me to walk across that stage the time of truth so I am sitting in the audience all smiles excited about my future but nervous at the same time. I graduated we celebrated with friends and family the moment was so beautiful me and my younger brother Xavier walked across that stage together on Mother's day weekend my mom was so proud and joyful because we where the second and third to receive degrees in our family. So after the graduation weeks passed and I just knew this was the beginning of a fairy tale but in those weeks friends who graduated moved to new locations to begin their new lives while I yet waited and the biggest of the moves was when my brother moved on June 10, 2009 we had never been separated so that this was a huge step for him and myself as well. After he moved I was sad very sad but hey he has the right to move on and start his life. So I then went back to waiting I applied for jobs here and there but I still got no response or call for a job. After about a month of spending long days and nights of applying still no look and one say the Lord answered my prayers. I received a job lead that changed my world. I called the contact who got me an opportunity at an interview. As I prepared for my interview it was just like the times when I went out for cheerleader, Pledged DST, Ran for Miss Senior, I simply could not see myself without this job so I went ahead and took the interview I was then offered the job and I was giving the biggest opportunity to move to a new and big city called Dallas, Texas. I was so excited it was like I was living a dream and when I say God answered he had all the preparations set in place for me I didnt have to worry about anything everything fell into place but then I was hit with a huge obstacle but one thing I know is that when you get knocked down you must get back up so I have spent a whole year looking and waiting and looking. But I decided to pursue my Masters degree I am half way completed and very satisfied with my self on that achievement. And that is the beginning

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