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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How I feel about Black Love!

Some say that the Black man no longer desires his God given queen I say not so, My take on this issue is that a Black man can and will never be able to deny the love for His black woman and it all starts from the beginning when he exits his mothers womb a black woman is the first being to show a black man love she is the first one to answer his cries when he is a child. She is the one who teaches and has taught him how to survive so when society tries to tell us that Black men no longer love us I say not so. Now don't get me wrong love has no color I am a lover so if a Black man does find love in a nother woman of another race I can respect that but Black men you should never put down or diss what you come from that shows a sign of pure ignorance. We as a people should begin to lead by example a way to do this is to show our children that committment and real love exist among our households we need to get back to the love we had when we where being separated back in slavery. (Cont)

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