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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My first big trim (Salon Visit)

Hey Ladies!!

I want to start by wishing each of you a Happy Holidays!!!!!

So recently I gave up my DIY method of trimming my hair and decided it was time to get my first major trim!!!! I will admit I was nervous and real protective about my precious stands being trimmed.  After much thought I decided it was time I was ready to face my fear. I scheduled an appointment with Regis Salon. I have always been pleased with their services and skills.

Upon arriving to the salon I was very nervous I was wondering what the response would be upon entrance. To my surprise I was well recieved with smiles and warm welcomes. I met my stylist and to my surprise was a Causcasion woman. At this moment I just knew this was going to go all wrong but I believe when you are good at what you do and confident in your ability that trumps all doubt.

Her name was Nikky and She did a great job I got my hair shampooed, conditioned, blow dried and trimed. After one  year of growing my hair out natural my hair has grown beyond my shoulders and I only had to trim about inch of bad ends off.

I must admit that my hair feels great and looks even better. The down fall was that I can tell the difference just a tad in length. However I believe its better to have strong healthy beautiful hair than long dead and damaged hair any day.

I will post pics soon!!

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