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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bands will make natural hair dance!! Or at least Stretch lol!!

Hey Ladies,

It has been a while but I thought I would come with a hair update. I have had alot of growth in the last 12 months and I now find myself learning to adjust to my new lengths and maintaining my texture and curls. With this new length and added responsibility I am trying to be as gentle as possible all while obtaining the maximum style options!!

My latest discovery has been the banding method!! Yes I said it I have been using bands to stretch my strands!! It works too!

Are you like me you have length but your hair love to skrink once it dries. If the answer to that question is yes I have a new hair trick for you and it call Bands will stretch my strands!!!!

 All you have to do is go to your local dollar store or walmart and purchase some ouchless or stretch hair bands and make little pony tails!!

Yes that is all add a little water just a little to make hair damp, a dollop of leave in conditioner and your oil of choice to seal ends and band your hair up.

I like to do this at night before bed this give my hair ideal time to dry and stretch while I'm sleep and when I wake up I have full big and stretched out hair!!!

 Wow that easy who knew!!

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