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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How To Save Your Strands!!!

Hey ladies,

As many of you may have noticed the temperatures have dropped drastically!! With the Fall and Winter months approaching we must take hair precautions. Due to the increased chill and dry winds this has been proven to be very harsh on your strands. I am encouraing you all to moisturize and keep your ends hydrated and sealed. The best way to seal and secure your ends which are the oldest parts of your hair is through oils and water.  The most highly reccomended oils I have and use are EVOO(extra virgin olive oil), JoJoba Oil, and Coconut oil. These oils if use during styling and after styling are very good at sealing and protecting your ends. I still reccommend routine dusting and trimming of your ends as you deem neccessary but with the cold air we must protect out ends.

I also reccomend protective/low maintence styling because this helps save and preserve your ends as well. When I suggest protective styling I am referring to styles such as twist, top knots, puff balls, shingles, coil outs, and braid outs. Protective styles will limit the amount of manipulation of your hair and this will help save strands and retain length. I would also suggest ladies to becareful and cautious about going out in the weather with wet hair that is the perfect way to get really sick and we are divas who not only believe in healthy hair practices but over all heath.

Another great way to protect your hair during these winter months is by wearing hats and scarves these are great and fashionable tools that will protect hair from hair winter air. Also ladies it is good to put together a winter hair schedule and stick to it because this will help with maintaining healthy natural hair during the cold.

I hope my tips have helped you today and as always I wish you well!!

Yours Naturally,


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