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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going With What Works and Simply Being The Best You!!

Hey Ladies!!

Hello and Happy Fall to each of you!! Today I am coming with a bit of a conversational topic it describes a recent experience. So as you know with being natural its all about embracing who you are and loving your natural self. In my opinion being natural is more than just hair it is the over all person. I want to encourage you to love who you are embrace yourself  no matter the color of your skin, texture of your hair, fullness of hips and lips, love who you are and that energy will exit into the universe and return to you!!

Recently I was styling my hair and as any woman does I asked for an opinion from a close family relative and that relative simply replied it looks alright. In my head I am thinking just alright nothing else hmm.... So the next response was its kind of bulky I am not use to it or what it is suppose to look like. So I went and gave my hair a second look and I decided I like the creative style I had and chose to wear the look.

I mentioned my recent happening to so say that in embracing the natural there will be many times when those around you just won't get it or your look and they may disapprove of how you choose to be but if you are being true to who you and you are happy and love it!! Let no one and I mean no one challenge or sway you from being and expressing who you really are!! I would only say that if it makes you happy and you are not hurting others in doing you go head girl and do you!!

Many people may not get it or understand but its not about them or is it for them to understand. I hoep this encourages someone to day!! Continue ladies to Be Bold!! Be Beautiful!! Be You!!!  The World needs your Uniqueness!!



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